Blessing for the Letters

Yesterday morning I was working out on my elliptical machine when I felt tiny arms hug me. Startled, I looked back and saw my cat, Little Bear, standing on his hind lets on the cover over the back wheel and hugging me. Awwww. I love my cats and dog. They are all so lovable and interesting. Continue reading

Rainbows & Shopping

Last week the weather was very summer-like, with sunny skies and temperatures in the high 70’s and low 80’s. This is VERY unusual for March, and many temperature records have been broken. With the warm temperatures, the world is becoming greener as the leaves come out on the trees. The fruit trees are blossoming and the daffodils are blooming. It was so nice last week that I took my laptop out on the front porch each day to study Hebrew with my friend in Texas.
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We All Went to Bed…

Last night my friend and I taught the two on-line Hebrew classes that we are taking over while our teacher/friend goes through a difficult time in her life. We reviewed foundational information with the classes so we could make sure they understand it before we move on. Even though my friend and I both feel more comfortable one-on-one than in a group, I think the classes went pretty well.

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On….and Off

A couple of days ago, JJ and his “girlfriend” were talking and laughing and everything, and the next thing I knew, JJ was sad and said that the girl wanted to “just be friends” and the Prom was off. He doesn’t know what happened. It was very sudden. This is really what EJ and I were concerned about–that JJ hadn’t known the girl very long, he hadn’t met her in person, he hadn’t been on a date with her, and suddenly she invited him to the biggest event of high school? We would have preferred that they go on small dates, get to know each other, and then the Prom would be a special date for two real friends. Before we spent $$$ for the Prom, we wanted to make sure this girl was asking our son because she wanted to go with HIM and not merely because she needed a date or because her “preferred” date couldn’t make it. We didn’t want her cancelling at the last minute. High school relationships are messy, with guys and girls jumping from one relationship to another. We weren’t sure JJ was ready for the dramatic mess of it all.

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Treadmill Fit

Yesterday EJ and I bought a treadmill at Sears as EJs birthday present. We were amazed at all the functions now available on treadmills. Their  instrument panels are like starship controls in Star Trek. Since EJ’s doctor had told him not to use any incline on a treadmill because it could hurt his back, and because we didn’t want a huge treadmill that would take up a lot of space, we just bought one of the smaller ones with fewer options.

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