On….and Off

A couple of days ago, JJ and his “girlfriend” were talking and laughing and everything, and the next thing I knew, JJ was sad and said that the girl wanted to “just be friends” and the Prom was off. He doesn’t know what happened. It was very sudden. This is really what EJ and I were concerned about–that JJ hadn’t known the girl very long, he hadn’t met her in person, he hadn’t been on a date with her, and suddenly she invited him to the biggest event of high school? We would have preferred that they go on small dates, get to know each other, and then the Prom would be a special date for two real friends. Before we spent $$$ for the Prom, we wanted to make sure this girl was asking our son because she wanted to go with HIM and not merely because she needed a date or because her “preferred” date couldn’t make it. We didn’t want her cancelling at the last minute. High school relationships are messy, with guys and girls jumping from one relationship to another. We weren’t sure JJ was ready for the dramatic mess of it all.

JJ was sad for a while, but he quickly regained his perspective and said he and the girl will remain friends. While I hate for JJ to be hurt, I think this situation could work to his benefit if he learns from it.

We’ve had really warm temperatures this week–in the 70s. There wasn’t much going on at work, so EJ came home early on Wednesday and took the rest of the week off as vacation days. Yesterday EJ and JJ worked outside, cleaning out the garage so they can fix it up, while I washed windows and organized the house. It think today will be another workday (I hope), and tomorrow we will go visit EJ’s Mom.

Which reminds me…I’ve got to get going….

What do you think?

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