Treadmill Fit

Yesterday EJ and I bought a treadmill at Sears as EJs birthday present. We were amazed at all the functions now available on treadmills. Their  instrument panels are like starship controls in Star Trek. Since EJ’s doctor had told him not to use any incline on a treadmill because it could hurt his back, and because we didn’t want a huge treadmill that would take up a lot of space, we just bought one of the smaller ones with fewer options.

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Our New Year sort of came in with a whimper.

None of us were feeling all that great on New Year’s Eve. I made our traditional homemade pizza (which no one has been very hungry for), and then was so tired that I took a nap. EJ voted not to watch Lord of the Rings, which is just as well because I wasn’t awake for it. He wanted to watch something that made him laugh, so he watched a marathon of Marx Brothers movies that was on the TMC channel. Time sort of got away from us, and we missed the big Times Square ball drop. Oops. But we had some leftover 4th of July fireworks, so we went outside at midnight and set them off. They would have been interesting to see in the snow, but we had no snow. It was still fun!

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