Treadmill Fit

Yesterday EJ and I bought a treadmill at Sears as EJs birthday present. We were amazed at all the functions now available on treadmills. Their  instrument panels are like starship controls in Star Trek. Since EJ’s doctor had told him not to use any incline on a treadmill because it could hurt his back, and because we didn’t want a huge treadmill that would take up a lot of space, we just bought one of the smaller ones with fewer options.

I had to move my car seat all the way forward so we could fit the treadmill into the HHR to transport it home. I rode with my knees almost up to my chin! It was very difficult to get it into the house because it was so heavy. I thought (sarcastically) that it would be just wonderful if EJ hurt his back trying to get the treadmill into the house. But with JJ’s help, we got it in.

Our house is actually smaller on the inside than it looks on the outside. Our living room/dining room is L shaped with the living room area rather long. I actually had removed the dining room table a couple of years ago and made the dining room area into a study area with a desk because we use the desk more than the dining room table. The wood stove is centered along the wall in the living room. We can’t put furniture too close to the woodstove, for obvious reasons, so the woodstove sort of divides the room, making it difficult to arrange furniture. I have always sort of arranged the furniture in our L-shaped room in segments: dining room/living room area/computer area, or study area/living room area/and second living room area where we did school. Yesterday I arranged the areas so it would be study area, living room area, and exercise area with the treadmill and elliptical machine next to each other. The fact that our exercise equipment is in our much used L-shaped room means we will be more likely to use it (I hope) than if it’s hidden away somewhere else. The only other place to put the treadmill would have been in the upstairs spare room, but that is already doubling as our library and guest bedroom and besides being difficult to get the heavy treadmill up the stairs, the treadmill would not have fit in the room unless we took down EJ’s great grandmother’s bed. And then where would guests sleep?

Each time a Boy Scout advances in rank, he gets a new rank patch to sew onto his uniform, but he can’t get it sewn on his shirt until he does a good deed for his mother–one his mother chooses. JJ advanced in rank last weekend, and I told him that his good deed could be moving the furniture around for me as I attempted to make the treadmill “fit” into our living room. I told him that he had to move the furniture wherever and as many times as I directed, even if it meant that he moved something out of and back into its original spot. We moved the furniture around a lot, as I first tried one configuration and then another, but JJ did it cheerfully. I do not like the way our living room looks now quite as well as I liked it before with the study area and two living room areas (exercise equipment is just not cozy, no matter how you try to arrange it), but it’s not too bad. We need “function” as well as appearance.

Once I had cleared the area, JJ helped his Dad wrestle the treadmill into  place. EJ started putting the treadmill together, but didn’t get it finished. I also didn’t get the rooms all organized, although all the large furniture is where they will be. We ran out of energy. Getting exercise equipment set up is often a workout in itself. We will finish getting the treadmill set up and everything organized today. I hope.

Tonight my friend and I are going to substitute teach our Hebrew teacher’s other beginning Hebrew class, which our teacher started several months after she started our class. This will give my friend and me practice for teaching our own class. The people who have signed up for our class are all really excited about it. That’s cool, huh? Some of “our students” have asked us what we will charge for the class, which I think is funny. We are only two homeschooling Moms excited about learning Hebrew and wanting to encourage others to pursue learning it too, so there is no cost except for having to buy our textbook.

What do you think?

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