My Three Sentences

This morning I woke up with a sore back, a groggy head, and a grumpy attitude. Not SEVERELY grumpy, but grumpy enough for EJ to ask, “Why are you grumpy?” The grumpy attitude didn’t last very long.

The first thing I did was make coffee, then take the ash bucket outside to empty. I dump the cold ashes into a garbage bag, but somehow I always end up tearing the bag in the process and dumping ashes on my shoes. I did it again today. When I came in, I tried to start the fire in the woodstove, but it didn’t go well, so EJ took over and got it roaring. Yeah, my hero!

I was sick last weekend. I’m feeling mostly better, but I was really dragging today. Still, I’m determined to burn at least 200 calories on the elliptical. I fit in 100 this morning, then did brief times on the elliptical throughout the day. I either burned 200 or 225–I lost count.

JJ hasn’t been feeling well. We still did some school, but I did most of our school reading and then he read the rest of it independently so he wouldn’t have to read with a sore throat. After school, I medicated him and he slept.

Then I fixed lunch, did dishes, did JJ’s chores in addition to my own, and took Danny for a walk. It was warm–about 50 degrees–and I unzipped my coat as we walked. I met a woman who asked if the cat who sometimes walks with us is my cat. She thought it was a funny sight and told her sister all about it. Ha, ha!

When I got home, my friend called me, and we talked for quite awhile. I finished my chores and did a little exercise while I talked to her.

Then it was time to study Hebrew with my study partner. For our class on Sunday night, we have to make up three sentences in Hebrew and illustrate them using props. My friend and I helped each other think up sentences and checked our translating them into Hebrew. Our sentences are simple because our vocabulary is limited. My sentences are:

  1. The animal sat on a young woman and the young woman said, “Ahhhhhh!” My prop is a figurine of a girl hugging a cat. We have not learned the Hebrew word for cat, so I had to use the word for animal.
  2. The man and the woman walked in front of the people on the road. My prop is a Christmas card showing a man and woman walking in front of a bunch of people on a road.
  3. An animal next to the water took the bread and ate from the bread. I will use a Google+ videochat option in which deer antlers and a red nose appears on my face. Below is what a person on Google+ videochat looks like with the antlers:

When I was done practicing Hebrew, I made supper, and finished the last of my elliptical exercise. Now, finally, at 8 p.m., I can sit and relax. I was going to write about some cool stuff that I am learning, but I am tired so it will have to wait. YAWN.

What do you think?

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