Who I am

I am a stay-at-home Mom. I love to read, study, and write. I love Jesus (Yeshua) and enjoy studying Scripture.

As a family, we have been studying the Jewish Roots of our Christian faith for several years. It’s been a great joy to us, and we are discovering things about the Bible and walking with God that we never dreamed we’d learn. In 2009, my son and began learning Biblical Hebrew together. I am learning Hebrew because I want to understand the Bible more deeply. I tell people that I am learning Hebrew so I can greet Jesus in his native tongue when He returns.

I like scrapbooking, I enjoy walking my dog. I enjoy nature, stars, and weather. I do not like insects or snakes–except for the garter snake that lives in our stone wall. He’s ok as long as he doesn’t get too close. We named him Nachash, which is Hebrew for “snake.” I think there is actually more than one snake living in the wall (we’ve seen at least one “baby”) but we call them all Nachash.

I like to garden, but am not an expert at it. My gardening philosophy is that “If I plant enough things, SOMETHING will grow”–and something usually does, eventually, even though I suspect I’ve sometimes uprooted in the Spring something I planted the autumn before, thinking it was a weed. By the way, I also believe that a flower is anything that grows where I want it, and a weed is anything that grows where I don’t want it.

I homeschool our son, who is currently 16 years old. He’s a good kid, smart, and very funny. He is actively involved in Boy Scouts.

My family currently has one dog and six cats–or is it seven? I lost count awhile ago. Every family needs one person who says “Absolutely NOT!” when an animal comes begging at the door to be adopted. Unfortunately, we all say, “AWWWW!” and bring it in. That’s why we have so many animals. But, hey, what’s life without animals to love?

I used to be very much a Hobbit, who liked security and hated adventures, but I seem to be getting less Hobbit-ish as the years go by. My goal is to become eccentric by the time I am old. My son thinks I am well on the way to accomplishing my goal.