Our New Year sort of came in with a whimper.

None of us were feeling all that great on New Year’s Eve. I made our traditional homemade pizza (which no one has been very hungry for), and then was so tired that I took a nap. EJ voted not to watch Lord of the Rings, which is just as well because I wasn’t awake for it. He wanted to watch something that made him laugh, so he watched a marathon of Marx Brothers movies that was on the TMC channel. Time sort of got away from us, and we missed the big Times Square ball drop. Oops. But we had some leftover 4th of July fireworks, so we went outside at midnight and set them off. They would have been interesting to see in the snow, but we had no snow. It was still fun!

Now I am feeling better, although still not to full strength. EJ and JJ are still struggling. I hope to get back to our routine this morning: EJ has to go to work, JJ and I need to get back into school, and my friend and I are going to try to get back to studying Hebrew together.

I’m not one to do New Year’s resolutions–simply because if I need to change something in my life, I change it as soon as I know that I need to change it, no matter what time of year it is. But one thing I have been wanting and wanting to do is to get back to exercising regularly on the elliptical machine. I was doing really well last year, but then I got off-track and have struggling to get back on track.  My mornings are busy, and my afternoons are busy, and by evening I am TIRED and want to relax, so I make excuses not to do it. But I am resolving to burn at least 200 calories every day on the elliptical. Hopefully I will do more, but I start with a small goal and work at increasing it. I’m thinking about recording my daily progress on the blog as a motivator.  If I falter,  maybe one of you will say, “Get back to it!”

Well, time to wake JJ and begin our day….

2 thoughts on “Resolution

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    Glad to hear you are all starting to feel better just a little. Gettting back to the routine is something I look forward to too. My daughter goes back to school thursday, and hubster goes back to work tomorrow…ahh, routine…I will pray for God to give you strength to accomplish your exercize goals…God Bless. -watw

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