Life Changes

I think I forgot to say that JJ’s birthday was last Wednesday. He is now SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD. I am not sure how that happened. Just yesterday he was a baby in my arms.

We gave JJ money for his birthday. With such a gift, he can have fun deciding what to buy and then get EXACTLY what he wants. Several years ago, I stopped making JJ birthday cakes. Instead, I make him a very large peanut butter cookie and then I make a large brownie that I put on top of the cookie. Then I drizzle chocolate frosting over it all. It’s like a peanut butter brownie cake. Very rich and decadent, but also delicious. He loves it and asks for it every year. This year, since EJ ABSOLUTELY MUST cut out sugar and I ABSOLUTELY WANT to cut out fattening desserts, I made JJ a smaller cookie-brownie that was just for him. Then we bought him a small carton of ice cream just for him. Here are pictures:

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Tomorrow is EJ’s birthday. We got him a treadmill as a gift as well as some books he has been wanting.

Last week I felt overwhelmed at having to change all my recipes to healthier ones, but EJ and I have fun shopping together this weekend (we’ve always had fun shopping together) and making plans, and now I feel more as if it is an adventure. I am trying to make Kefir bread, and I plan to make my own peanut butter soon.

Last night my friend (from now on I will call her Chavrah,” which means “friend” in Hebrew) and I taught our two Hebrew classes. When we teach a class, I always do part of the class and Chavrah does the other part so we share in the teaching. The first class went really well. However, during the second class, I kept losing my connection to the Internet. It was very stressful and frustrating, because I had prepared for my section of the class and was prevented from teaching it. Meanwhile, it was stressful for poor Chavrah because she had to take over every time I got kicked off. The times I did get back on, I’d have to find where Chavrah was and then take over again…and I’d teach for a few minutes and get kicked off again and Chavrah would have to sub for me again. I completely lost my “groove,” and I told Chavrah today that I felt like such a ditsy blond last night. We laughed about it, but we also feel completely exhausted today.

Next Sunday “our” class begins. This is the first class that we, ourselves, have formed instead of taking over from another teacher. We are excited about this–and our students are excited about beginning to learn Hebrew too.

I have a Facebook friend who really wants to learn Hebrew but can’t attend the Sunday evening class. And I have a second friend who lives only a couple of miles from me who wants to learn Hebrew as well. So I am thinking about starting a class with just them two during the week if we can fit it into all our schedules. This would make four classes that I would be teaching, but I find that every time I go through the book, I learn everything even more solidly. Review is always good. I’m finding that many people have such a hunger to learn Hebrew. Hebrew is not like any other language where you are merely learning foreign names for things. Hebrew is a very deep, very spiritual language that changes your life. Because it changes a person’s life, I hate to turn anyone away whose life might be changed by learning it. However, I think that this this must be my limit. NO MORE STUDENTS!

What do you think?

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