Writer’s Block

I have writer’s block.

I don’t have writer’s block because I don’t have enough to write about. I have writer’s block because I have too much to write about, and I don’t know how to write it.

Some of it is just too big a topic to condense into a reasonable length. It’s like when I have met someone I knew as a child, and she asks, “So…What’s new?” Since I haven’t seen her for decades, everything is new, and how does a person sum up years of living during a brief encounter at a store? There’s just too much. That’s what it’s like.

So I haven’t written much because I have too much to say. But, briefly:

I love my Pirkei Avot group at Facebook. There’s a lot of good discussion and I have met some new friends through it.

EJ had a doctor’s appointment several days ago. The doctor said that he needs to lose weight–that losing weight will ease his back problems. I want to get back to exercising too. I missed exercising a couple of days and then struggled to get back on my elliptical machine. We have been trying to both exercise and encourage each other to exercise. EJ is going to get a treadmill for his birthday so he can exercise inside. He hates the elliptical because it hurts his knees. We just have to figure out how to fit our exercise equipment in our house.

I mentioned our need to exercise to a friend who lives in California, and she said she needs to lose weight too, so we are considering  starting a FB group to encourage each other to live more healthy. She said years ago she and a group of friends tried to encourage each other to exercise. They all set personal goals and if they didn’t meet a goal they’d put a dollar in a jar and the person who kept their goal got to have all the money in the jar. I said that I’d rather pay myself $1 if I keep my goals. That way I can reward myself instead of penalize myself. So that’s what I am planning.

Our Pirkei Avot book said that a person ought to find a teacher to teach him, and also teach others. My friend who studies Hebrew with me and I are taking this to heart, and we are going to begin teaching Hebrew in an on-line class, similar to the one we have been taking. We are not professional teachers or expert at Hebrew, but we can pass on what we are learning to others. We mentioned our class on our FB pages and within an hour had filled our class. We are going to start on April 1st, and have been planning how we want to implement our class.

I have been reading a book by Skip Moen called Guardian Angel – What You Must Know About God’s Design for Women. It discusses not only God’s design for women, but also for men by examining the meaning of the Hebrew words. I have been interested in this subject ever since our last church. I’ve never been a “feminist,” but our last church was so controlling, hypocritical, and oppressive in its treatment of women that I began to struggle with it, and to question and research what the Bible really says about women. Guardian Angel is very thought-provoking and surprising, and as I read it, I think, “OF COURSE that’s the way it is!” I will probably talk about this more later.

Last Sunday Jared officially advanced to Life Scout in his Boy Scout troop. He is now pursuing becoming an Eagle Scout. Whoo hoo!

Well, I’ve got a lot to do today so I’ve got to get going…

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