Work Days

The weather has been gorgeous lately–sunny with temperatures in the 70s. This is more like June weather, NOT March.

Our yard is not huge, but it is all garden. Most of the yard is my flower and herb garden, while EJ has a vegetable garden in the back yard with a few fruit trees in my garden. He usually plants his veggies, but I first clear the soil and weed the gardens to spare his back. I spent an hour or so on Friday morning in my garden, clearing the brick paths of growth. The English Ivy was overgrowing my paths, and it was an effort to yank them away. I have a lot to do in the gardens, but if I can do a little bit every day it won’t be a chore. Actually, working in the gardens is not a chore. I enjoy it, it’s just trying to fit it into my schedule that is difficult.

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I stopped working in the garden to fix lunch. I worked the remainder of the day cleaning upstairs. Our little library has just had a huge book sale, getting rid of a lot of old books to make room for new ones. EJ and I bought lots of new books, and I had to make room for them in our guest room, which doubles as our library. We have about five bookcases, doubled and triple stacked with books. We love books.

Meanwhile, EJ worked at getting the garage door installed with some help from JJ. We finished the evening with me talking to EJ, and sometimes helping, as EJ finished getting the garage door in.

Saturday we visited EJ’s Mom and sister. His sister made us corned beef and cabbage for lunch because it was St. Patrick’s Day. We all wore green, not because we celebrate saints, but because we grew up with wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day as a fun tradition. EJ’s Mom wasn’t feeling very well, but she loved the company. We played cards with her–her favorite game. We left an hour earlier than we had planned because EJ wasn’t feeling all that well.

I went to bed early last night because I was very tired.

What do you think?

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