We All Went to Bed…

Last night my friend and I taught the two on-line Hebrew classes that we are taking over while our teacher/friend goes through a difficult time in her life. We reviewed foundational information with the classes so we could make sure they understand it before we move on. Even though my friend and I both feel more comfortable one-on-one than in a group, I think the classes went pretty well.

Our third class begins on April 1. This is a class my friend and I have formed, and not one we are substituting teaching. Our students are very excited. My friend and I are excited too.

While I was teaching last night, EJ and JJ hung out in the RV. I joined them after our Hebrew classes. JJ wanted to sleep out there, so we brought out necessary supplies. EJ brought his radio and books, I  brought blankets and a book and our dog, and JJ brought his laptop, and a few other things. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and chatting.

When we settled for the night, EJ fell asleep right away. He had his radio on low because sound masks the ringing tinnitus in his ears. I had trouble sleeping because of the unfamiliar bed and the radio, so I moved my blankets to the RV couch. I still couldn’t sleep because of the unfamiliar noises I heard. Then I had to go pee. EJ didn’t want us to use the RV toilet but I knew that if I went out the door, I’d wake everyone. The more I thought “I can’t go pee in here,” the more I had to go. So I thought I’d just go in the house and stay there. JJ was having trouble sleeping and he said that if I went in the house, he was going to go too. I didn’t think it would be nice to abandon EJ to sleep all alone in the RV, so I woke him and told him that JJ and I were going in the house, and he could come in with us or sleep alone in the RV. He decided to come inside too, since we were going in. So at 1:30 a.m. we carried blankets, radios, laptop, dog, and a few other things back into the house and we all went to bed.

What do you think?

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