A Cold Winter Day

EJ has been working 12 hour shifts this week. His normal shift is from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m., but this week he has been working from 6 p.m. until 6 am. It’s strange having him home for most of the day, although he’s not awake through most of it. A change in hours is always a difficult adjustment, and he has been very tired.

I took Danny for a walk today, as I always do. It was very cold and windy.  The wind made the colder feel even colder. Fortunately, I had worn a scarf and extra warm gloves. I fell down in the snow when I accidentally walked into a slight ditch next to a driveway. Brrrrr.

After warm temperatures and green grass, we are finally getting a taste of winter. It’s dropped into the single digits, and we are expecting several inches of snow. Finally! I am glad! I think winter ought to be WINTER. I love the cozy feeling of wrapping myself up in a quilt, sitting near the warm fire in the woodstove, and cuddling a cat (or two or three) sitting on and/or near me. I think that the worse the winter, the more wonderful spring feels when it finally arrives.




2 thoughts on “A Cold Winter Day

  1. Oh do we differ on the weather! I prefer snow that lasts only 24 hours. I want to see some inches, enjoy it before it turns to brown slush and/or I have to go somewhere, then see it magically gone! Spring is nice. I spend a lot of time with the garden, but the heat comes too soon. This past summer was too much for me. Now autumn is my time of year! I prefer it to last a long time, and thankfully, here it usually does. For example, this year it lasted until the last week of December. Awesome. Nearing the end of January we have had an unusually warm start to winter, with only three light frosts. My peas are still growing and flowering. I’m happy about that. My ideal weather? Humidity that does not make everything stick to me, temps in the 60s and 70s, so I do not need heat or air conditioning and can keep all the windows open. I love the breezes and fresh air.

  2. TJ says:

    How awesome that you are still getting peas, Laurie!

    I used to like summer best, dreaded autumn, hated winter, and couldn’t wait for spring. I’m changing though. Like you, Laurie, autumn is now my favorite month. I like the crisp, cool days with a touch a warmth underneath. I love the breathtaking colors of the leaves. I love the way the sky affects the colorful trees–the unique blue of the autumn sky and also the dramatic clouds.

    I love the brisky cold of winter tingling my skin as I walk my dog. I love the beauty of snow covering drab landscapes. I’ve always been mesmerized by the glitter in the snow. I also love the cozy warmth of the house on a cold snowy day.

    I love the anticipation of spring. I love watching buds open and flowers bloom. I love watching a faint haze of green grow and deepen as trees clothe themselves with leaves. I love the first time I can open my windows, and the first time I can go without coat, boots, and mittens, the first time I see a Robin or a bee flying. The colder the winter, the more exciting spring is.

    I enjoy summer. I like working in the garden, sipping ice tea on a hot day. However, I haven’t enjoy summers lately because in the last couple of years it has been so hot and humid that I feel like a snowman melting in the hot sun. My garden has been neglected as I hide out in the air conditioning.

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