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Saturday I didn’t get to sleep until about 3 a.m. Last night, I didn’t sleep all that well either. EJ didn’t feel well–he thinks his pain meds were affecting him. JJ said he hardly sleep all night. We were all very tired this morning. EJ feel asleep in his chair this morning, and as soon as school was over, JJ and I took naps too.

EJ has to work 12 hour shifts all this week. He’s going to be exhausted.

The holidays played havoc with our study of Hebrew, but my friend and I are beginning to get back into a routine. It feels so good to study Hebrew.

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Several years ago, I discovered Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg’s book, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus. I own this book, and I highly recommend it. It is interesting, and easy to read, and teaches so MUCH.  Amazon’s review of the book says:

A rare chance to know Jesus as his first disciples knew him. What would it be like to journey back to the first century and sit at the feet of Rabbi Jesus as one of his Jewish disciples? How would your understanding of the gospel have been shaped by the customs, beliefs, and traditions of the Jewish culture in which you lived? Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus takes you on a fascinating tour of the Jewish world of Jesus, offering inspirational insights that can transform your faith. Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg paint powerful scenes from Jesus’ ministry, immersing you in the prayers, feasts, history, culture, and customs that shaped Jesus and those who followed him. You will hear the parables as they must have sounded to first-century Jews, powerful and surprising. You will join the conversations that were already going on among the rabbis of his day. You will watch with new understanding as the events of his life unfold. And you will emerge with new excitement about the roots of your own Christian faith. Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus will change the way you read Scripture and deepen your understanding of the life of Jesus. It will also help you to adapt the rich prayers and customs you learn about to your own life, in ways that both respect and enrich your Christian faith. By looking at the Jewishness of Jesus, Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg take you on a captivating journey into the heart of Judaism, one that is both balanced and insightful, helping you to better understand and appreciate your own faith.

I am friends with Lois Tverberg on Facebook (I love FB). She has written another book called Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus, which will be available in late February. Amazon says:

In Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus, Lois Tverberg challenges readers to follow their Rabbi more closely by re-examining his words in the light of their Jewish context. Doing so will provide a richer, deeper understanding of his ministry, compelling us to live differently, to become more Christ-like. We’ll begin to understand why his first Jewish disciples abandoned everything to follow him, to live out his commands. Our modern society, with its individualism and materialism, is very different than the tight-knit, family-oriented setting Jesus lived and taught in. What wisdom can we glean from his Eastern, biblical attitude toward life? How can knowing Jesus within this context shed light on his teachings for us today? In Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus we’ll journey back in time to eavesdrop on the conversations that arose among the rabbis of Jesus’ day, and consider how hearing Rabbi Jesus with the ears of a first-century disciple can bring new meaning to our faith. And we’ll listen to Jewish thinkers through the ages, discovering how ideas that germinated in Jesus’ time have borne fruit. Doing so will yield fresh, practical insights for following our Rabbi’s teachings from a Jewish point of view.

I can’t wait to get Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus! Today Lois shared a link to the first two chapters of this book. I thought I’d pass on the link to you:

Two Chapters of Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus

These books are wonderful, and well worth reading.

4 thoughts on “Rabbi Jesus

  1. I’ve saved the PDF to read later tonight, when I have uninterrupted time. What a blessing to walk in the dust of one’s rabbi’s feet. That is something I want to do, walking with him, learning from him, and knowing that he, my earthly rabbi who prays and studies and waits on the L-rd, humbly walks in the dust of our perfect Rabbi, Yeshua our Messiah. As I walk with my earthly rabbi, I too am walking with The One True Rabbi. I am not walking with Messiah after walking with my rabbi, but walk with them both, knowing that as rabbi reaches out to Rabbi Yeshua, I can reach out too. As my rabbi prays in the Name of Rabbi Yeshua, I can pray in His Name as well. And as my rabbi teaches in the Name of Rabbi Yeshua, I know I can depend on my Rabbi Yeshua to help me to hear Truth, and to give me the strength to love, learn and follow Him, our G-d.


  2. TJ says:

    Hi, Laurie! I didn’t know you were here! GOOD to see you! ♥

    I love Lois Tverberg’s writings and can’t wait until I can buy this latest book. I learn so much from her! The more I learn Hebrew and Hebraic teachings, the more awed I am by God and His Word.

  3. […] Rabbi Jesus (kingdaughter.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Rabbi Jesus (kingdaughter.wordpress.com) […]

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