Crown of Messiah

We study the Scriptures together as a family. We follow the Jewish Scripture reading schedule. Ezra (the one in the Bible) set up this reading schedule, and Jews have been following it ever since–including Jesus. For the past few years, we’ve been using the Hebrew for Christian book, A Year Through the Torah. You can buy a hard copy of the book or access it on line for free by clicking This Week’s Torah Reading in the sidebar at the left. The teaching is tremendous, and we have learned so much through it.

Recently, we discovered Yisrael (Izzy) Avraham on Facebook. Izzy is a messianic Jew who leads the Crown of Messiah congregation in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. He is a Hebrew scholar and the founder of the Holy Language Institute. His weekly service and Hebrew class are freely available on his site. If we lived closer, we’d LOVE to join his congregation! Although we live too far, we can receive his teaching on-line.

We listened to his “sermon” this week as we studied together. It was one hour long but took us four hours to get through because we kept pausing his YouTube video to discuss it. It was very good, and we plan on making him part of our studies every week. I thought I’d share with you what we learned from him this week:

This teaching is very worth listening to. I added it to my Vodpod videos (at left). Anytime I find great videos, I added them to my Vodpod. Check them out!

I have found some wonderful people, sites, and teachings through Facebook. This morning, United with Hebrew sharing the following on Facebook. I thought it was very interesting, and wanted to share it with you:

Do “the clothes REALLY make the man?” Let’s explore this with our knowledge of HEBREW…

The word for clothing in HEBREW is בגד/BEH-GED and it comes from the word לבגד/LIV-GOAD, which means “to betray.” Our choice of clothing and the way we dress can express our inner self. If we dress solely by the latest fashion and what’s “in”, our clothing is betraying our own essence, and we are not allowing our body to freely express itself. The appropriate clothing, however, can bring out our beauty and inner glow, and really make us who we are!

Hebrew is such an interesting language.

2 thoughts on “Crown of Messiah

  1. Love Izzy! He’s a good friend of ours, too! Looking forward to this message – thanks for sharing.

  2. TJ says:

    We just recently discovered Izzy, and have really enjoyed the few videos of his teachings that we’ve heard. I thought this one was really good.

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