Better Than Expected

We don’t know exactly what to do in our life, but we know we must begin by addressing my husband’s health problems. Whether EJ stays working at his current company or looks for another job, whether we stay in this area or move somewhere else, he needs good health.

A friend recommended a chiropractor. EJ had never been to a chiropractor before, but he has been in such agony from his back pain that he was willing to try almost anything. I accompanied him to the chiropractor yesterday morning. The chiropractor, who seemed like a very nice man, took x-rays and adjusted EJ’s back, and then asked him to return on Friday.

I think the most significant adjustment the chiropractor made was to EJ’s attitude. Because of the severity of his pain, he had been worried (and discouraged) that he was becoming paralyzed and/or would have to go on disability. EJ is not one to want a handout, and he wasn’t sure what his purpose would be if he couldn’t earn a living. The x-rays showed him that his back wasn’t THAT bad–that paralyzation and disability was a long way off. So his hope was renewed and his spirits revived.

This morning EJ returns to his regular doctor to address his breathing problems. Then tomorrow it’s back to the chiropractor. This week was not what we expected–we did not get to go camping as planned. However, if we can get EJ’s healthy problems addressed, it will be better than expected.

What do you think?

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