Behold the Hand, Behold the Nail

Hebrew is an awesome language, unlike any other language in the world. In Hebrew, each letter and each word has meaning. Words with the letters or the same root word are related to each other. There is a truth, a lesson, in every Hebrew letter and word.
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The Intolerance of Tolerance

This is an interesting article by Greg Koukl.

Probably no concept has more currency in our politically-correct culture than the notion of tolerance. Unfortunately, one of America’s noblest virtues has been so distorted it’s become a vice.

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An Offensive God

I think it was C.S. Lewis, one of my favorite authors, who wrote that every generation has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Often, the current generation feels superior to previous generations, not realizing that while they may be stronger in some characteristics, a previous generation was stronger in others. So one generation might understand the love of God better, but other generations understood God’s holiness better, or had more courage in suffering, or had a deeper humility, or better grasp of obedience. Lewis suggested that people read books from all generations, and not just modern books, because if we read only books from the current generation, we gain only its strengths and all of it’s weaknesses. In reading books from every generation, we learn from the strengths of every generation and minimize weaknesses. I think that is wise advice.

Put In My Place

Yesterday I responded to a status on Facebook, and got very soundly put in my place. It was not a FB friend that I really knew. A year or so ago a friend had linked to a picture this guy had shared, and I commented on the picture, and he asked to be my friend because he liked what I said. I thought, “Why not?” and accepted the friend request. So I don’t really know this person, and he doesn’t know me.

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What We Believe

Several years, ago, my family attended a very small church. After awhile we became concerned about some of the teachings and practices of the church. Eventually we left. Our time at this church was painful, but it was also very interesting, and it is responsible for us going down an unexpected road. I think that just because things are difficult, it doesn’t mean they are bad.

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Powerful Words

Before I begin writing what I want to write, I need to explain a few things. Several years ago, I discovered the website, This site has free Hebrew lessons, and my son and I have been using its resources to teach ourselves Hebrew. It has more than Hebrew language lessons, however. It also provides information about common Hebrew blessings, Jewish prayers, the Scriptures, the Jewish holidays, and weekly Torah portions from a Messianic point of view. I have learned an incredible amount of truth from this site, the awesome beauty of Scripture has deepened, and my faith has grown.

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