Enjoy, Enjoy

I emailed a friend and told her what we are thinking about full-time RVing. Then I spent the rest of the day thinking, “Oh, she’s going to think we are NUTS!” But she surprised me with her support. She said that she was going to suggest we do this very thing. She said:

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We have begun to consider “what if’s.” “What If’s” open up possibilities and dreams. Our biggest “what if” sounds absolutely insane: What if we sold our house and traveled in the RV full time–even for the rest of our lives or until we find a place that we’d like to settle in? I know, sounds crazy and foolish. But a lot of Baby Boomers are doing this very thing–selling their homes and spending the rest of their lives traveling. We met an 85-year-old man at the last campground we were at who, for the last 18 years, has spent 7 months living in the campground in Michigan and the remainder of the year at his “home” in Alabama. When EJ and I think about what we love, we list: We love traveling together. We love beautiful places. I saw EJ start to regain energy and joy at the campgrounds. He could breathe better. His stress level when down. What if?

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