Rebuilding Boundaries

Whenever I have contact with my Mom/family, I go through a cycle over and over again. With each contact, I have to re-work through what I already worked through before. Maybe some day I will hold firm to it. the cycle is:

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Confusing Times

I try my very best to be truthful–to wrestle with the truth, to pursue truth, to let truth change me, to think truth, to write about the truth, and to live truth. I try to present the truth about myself too, both good things and bad, both strengths and weaknesses, failures and weaknesses. I’m not sure I am always successful, but I try.

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Forgiveness & Boundaries

This week has been very busy. I have taught school during the mornings, as always. Monday and Tuesday afternoons, when my work was finished, I’ve studied Hebrew for two hours with my friend. Monday we studied hard. Tuesday we studied a little and then we talked about serious things, and laughed about funny things. Video-chatting is such a cool thing. We can see each other and it’s almost as if we are talking in person, even though we live hundreds of miles apart.

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When NOT to Forgive

This is the seventh in a series about forgiveness. Click here to read the first post in the series. 
According to the Bible we must always be willing to ask for forgiveness from those who have offended us, and to forgive those who ask us for forgiveness.

The Key to Relationship

This is the sixth in a series about forgiveness. Click here to read the first post in the series. 

As I struggle with issues of forgiveness and reconciliation over the years, as I tried to reconcile with a Mom who would acknowledge none of her failures and none of my strengths, and who would not forgive me for not fulfilling her expectations, I realized that a major hindrance to relationship is an inability to repent. Repentance is the key to relationship.