What Did You Say?

The bint put fairy lights in her flat. When she was finished, she put a nappy on the baby and gave him a dummy. When the babysitter arrived, she put on her coat, bonnet, and wellingtons, and met her chum at the pub for supper, where she had fish and chips. She ordered a biscuit for dessert, but accidentally dropped it on the floor. Her chum laughed that she was all cack-handed. Her chum was a school leaver who was a Hooray Henry but could only find a job as a dog’s body.

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The Year of the Snake

When I was a child, my Mom sometimes bought canned Chop Suey, which she heated and poured over chow mein noodles. I liked the chow mein noodles, but the Chop Suey was full of unidentified “things” and it was not very tasty or appealing to me. For years and years I avoided Chinese food because of Chop Suey. When I married EJ and we went to a Chinese restaurant (he LIKED Chinese food), I ordered as American as I could–even to ordering a hamburger and fries if the restaurant had them. EJ was appalled. However, to me Chinese food = canned Chop Suey. Yuck.

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In My Flesh I See God

I am currently watching a series Youtube videos called In My Flesh I See God. It is about how God has revealed His truth in the Hebrew words. It is utterly fascinating, and I strongly encourage you to watch it. It will open up things in Scripture that you never knew existed and you will be stunned at what you learn. I guarantee it!

Here is the first video. You can watch the others from there. At times, I didn’t see a link to the next segment, so I simply searched “In my flesh I see [insert number]” and it took me to the segment. If the embedded video isn’t working, click on the series title above.