Meet My Dog & Cats

I often write about my pets, so I thought I’d introduce them to you.


JJ and I used to enjoy going to Soldan’s, a pet supply store, because we enjoyed looking at the few animals they had in the store–hamsters, gerbils, snakes, lizards, and ferrets.  It was like a mini zoo. One day JJ and I went into the store while EJ was at a hardware store. I bent down to look at the ferrets in a cage on the floor when a little black head suddenly pushed into my lap. We didn’t know that the Animal Shelter came to the store once a month in an attempt to encourage people to adopt animals. They had cages filled with cats that people could take out and hold, and volunteers walked dogs around the store. Danny was one of these animals. He took an immediate liking to me, and after his volunteer pulled him away, he kept finding me in the store and pulling his volunteer back over to me. Obviously, he had bonded with me. EJ secretly went back later and adopted the dog for me.

Danny has been very devoted to me, and when we first brought him home, he would not let any of our other animals near me. He has learned to accept them, and they sometimes curl up next to him. He is never far from me. Usually he is lying at my feet.

Danny used to have a beautiful feathery tail, but he escaped his pen a few years ago, ran out in the road, and got hit by a van. Fortunately, he wasn’t hit directly. The van ran over his tail and stretched out his spine a bit. His tail was broken and so had to be removed.


JJ used to have a beloved cat named Kaylee. Kaylee died and JJ was heartbroken, so after awhile we went to our vet to get him another cat to love. Our vet keeps a cage in the reception area filled with (free) cats and kittens needing homes. It is dangerous for us because we fall in love with every cat in the cage whenever we take one of our pets to the vet. I can’t tell you how often a trip to the vet resulted in a new cat…The day we went to get JJ another cat, there were two tiny black kittens in the cage. We couldn’t bear to leave one behind, so we took them both. We called them Luke and Han because JJ loved Star Wars. Luke bonded with JJ and Han bonded with EJ. EJ used to carry Han around and sing, “Pussy cat, pussy cat, I love you….” to him. Han died a couple years later of a stroke, leaving poor EJ heartbroken.

Luke is a very cuddly cat. He practically melts into us when we hold him.


KeeKee is our foster cat who belongs to a friend of mine. When she got a divorce, she couldn’t keep her cat, so we offered to take him in. He is a wonderful cat and I rather hope my friend never takes him from us! KeeKee paws at us if he wants attention, and if we ignore him he will leap up and tag our legs. He likes to push things off on the floor, and I am constantly picking up after him. A few years ago I was working in my garden and I heard CRASHES and things BREAKING. I looked up and saw KeeKee on our enclosed back porch calmly pushing things off the ledge that runs around the wall.


A few years ago, my friend down the street found kittens in her garage. Since she is very allergic to cats, I suggested that she give the cats away at her yard sale. I warned her to hide the kittens before EJ came to the sale since I knew he would take one home. She didn’t hide them quick enough and EJ indeed brought one home. We called the kitten Anakin until we learned that “he” was a “she.” Then we switched her name to Annie. Annie is a better choice because she has the most musical meow that I have ever heard. I love to hear her sing.

When we first brought Annie home, she totally ignored us and immediately bonded with our cats Luke and Han. She was a cat’s cat. She now sometimes pays attention to us. Usually she sits on our lap during our homeschool. Annie was small until we got her spayed and then she grew very fat.

Little Bear

Two years ago we were celebrating our first Hanukkah when we heard a wailing noise on the front porch. “What is THAT?” we asked each other. I opened the door and a tiny bit of fluff climbed up my leg. Of course we kept him! I wanted to name him a Hanukkah name, but EJ chose to call him Little Bear because he looked like a little bear cub and his paws were like bear paws.

Little Bear is a character. When he wants attention, he reaches up our legs like a little toddler wanting to be picked up. He loves to ride around on my shoulders. He also always stands on his hind legs when we are cooking, as if to see what we are making. He likes to wrestle with the other animals. He also loves the Christmas tree and is always climbing it.


I got Timmy from the vet cage in 2010, in an attempt to give EJ another cat to love. However, Timmy (like most of our cats) bonded with me instead. He barely acknowledges EJ or JJ, especially if I am around. Timmy is also a real character. He is not cuddly like Luke, but gives love on his own terms–when and how he wants to. He gives me tons of kisses by pushing his nose into my face. Timmy likes to find unique places to sit in–the washer, dryer, and countless boxes.

Rikki-Tikki-Tabby (Rikki for short)

We got Rikki quite a few years ago from a cat rescue place. Rikki has been an indoor/outdoor cat, coming inside to eat and sleep before going back outside. In recent years he has remained an outdoor cat (except when it’s very cold outside) because he can’t be trusted to use the litter box. Rikki has a LOUD purr. He is my garden cat, remaining close when I work in the garden. Often he wants to be petted and attacks my hand if I don’t pet him. So if he is around I garden with one hand and pet him with the other. Rikki is very loving and follows me when I am outside.


We got Tessla from my sister, who found her scared in her mother-in-law’s dog pen. Tessla is long-haired and gentle. She has become an outside cat for much of the same reasons as Rikki has.

Here is a slideshow of our pets.

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3 thoughts on “Meet My Dog & Cats

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    I didn’t see all these…very cool. Thanks TJ!

  2. Naphtali says:

    The Woman at the Well is following me around! lol!
    You have won my heart! I am a cat lover too! just one who is featured on, and If you haven’t written for those sites, please do! They are looking for cat stories and photos!

    This blogging thing is a great way to spread the gospel…..and meet new fellow Christians around the world! We are like family! Merry Christmas!

  3. TJ says:

    It’s good to meet another cat lover…and a new friend. Nice to meet you, Naphtali. I am glad you are here!

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