You’re a Priest!

Our family has been listening to Izzy Avraham’s talks each week on Youtube. I wanted to share this week’s talk about being a priest. I thought it was especially good, and it’s the direction we have been going as a family. This is very worth watching:

Crown of Messiah

We study the Scriptures together as a family. We follow the Jewish Scripture reading schedule. Ezra (the one in the Bible) set up this reading schedule, and Jews have been following it ever since–including Jesus. For the past few years, we’ve been using the Hebrew for Christian book, A Year Through the Torah. You can buy a hard copy of the book or access it on line for free by clicking This Week’s Torah Reading in the sidebar at the left. The teaching is tremendous, and we have learned so much through it.
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Evil Places

A few years ago, we left the tiny church in our small village that we had been attending. We had serious concerns about many things happening in the church, and we couldn’t stay. In many ways, our stay at that church was one of the painful experiences of our lives. However, while we were there, many questions were stirred up in us, and those questions caused us to seek answers, which has led us to truth, change, and growth. So I think it was good.

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