Eagle, Mouse, and Ethics

All through the day today I thought about what I would write in my blog when I had the opportunity.

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Becoming Who You Hate

All my family is still sleeping. I am the first one up, and I have been drinking coffee as I snuggle in my quilt visiting various websites with my laptop. I think it’s amazing that I can visit people all over the country and world while snuggled in a quilt.

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An Offensive God

I think it was C.S. Lewis, one of my favorite authors, who wrote that every generation has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Often, the current generation feels superior to previous generations, not realizing that while they may be stronger in some characteristics, a previous generation was stronger in others. So one generation might understand the love of God better, but other generations understood God’s holiness better, or had more courage in suffering, or had a deeper humility, or better grasp of obedience. Lewis suggested that people read books from all generations, and not just modern books, because if we read only books from the current generation, we gain only its strengths and all of it’s weaknesses. In reading books from every generation, we learn from the strengths of every generation and minimize weaknesses. I think that is wise advice.

The Opposite Truths of Forgiveness

This is the second of a series of posts about forgiveness. The first post in the series is here.

Forgiveness is not easy or simple. Oh, we forgive people many times every day for minor offenses, but the greater the offense, the more serious the wound, the deeper the pain we feel, and the more difficult to forgive. It can take years to forgive serious wrongs, as a person goes through the stages of grief and the steps of healing. 

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