Winter is Here….for Now

Yesterday I felt foggy-minded and ended up taking two short naps–one right after school and one after I studied Hebrew with my friend. EJ had stopped at the store after work Tuesday night and bought me some medicine. I took the medicine all yesterday and now I am feeling a bit better. For the last few weeks we have all been struggling with not quite feeling well and not quite feeling sick. I hope we get completely better soon and get our energy back.

We are expecting rain to turn to snow tonight. We have a Winter Storm Warning for our area and could get  6 – 10 inches of snow. Winter has finally arrived…for now! I wonder how long it will last?


Life in the Village

This morning I walked the two blocks to the post office after I taught my segment of school. Our village is small–about four blocks wide and four blocks long–and everyone in town has PO boxes rather than mail delivered to their houses. When we first moved here in 1993, I thought that was the craziest thing–whoever heard of not getting mail delivery? But I actually grew to enjoy the walk there and back again each day. You never know what you will see. A few years ago, JJ and I walked to the post office and a squirrel fell out of a tree right next to me. A couple more inches and it would have landed on my head. THAT would have been interesting, although probably quite painful. Today I passed tree removal guys taking down a huge tree. I guess it was dying. I’m amazed that they can take down trees without hitting houses or cars or children’s play equipment. Further down, a house was getting a new roof. I don’t see how people can stand to climb up on roofs. I get woozy going up three ladder steps.

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