Our Poor Timmy

This morning I took our poor Timmy to the veterinarian to get neutered. I hate leaving our pets at the vet because they are so scared there. This is what Timmy looked like when we got him home. We were told that he was still woozy from the anesthesia so it would be best to leave him in the cat carrier while he recovered. Otherwise he might bump into walls.

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Growing Up….

Today we drove JJ to the Secretary of State Office to get his Level 2 driver’s license. When we got home, we sent him off for his very first solo drive. Such a big day!

Here are pictures of the BIG DAY:

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Life Goes On…

My spirits are reviving as I get back into routine after having contact with my family. I guess that as I have struggled over the years with difficult people, I have been forced to wrestle with issues of repentance, forgiveness, boundaries, and love. Hopefully, I am understanding more about what it all means, but I also find my heart is more broken by it all.

Ah well, life goes on.

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