Rebuke in Love

Here is another good article on confrontation that was shared in our Pirkei Avot group.

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Loving the Sinner…

Ugh, I have not been able to get on to this blog to write. Sometimes life is busy, and there is only so many hours in a day.
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Stamped in His Image

This was taken last May. The tree EJ wants to take out is the one at the right that doesn't yet have leaves.

I stayed up too late (about 2 a.m.) to help EJ set up his blog, The Outside Dawg. This is his first time setting up a blog, so everything is new to him. I think he’s going to enjoy blogging. I know I will enjoy reading what he has to say. I found out by reading his blog that he is planning to remove (kill) a unique tree by our front porch. YIKES! But I understand his wanting to put in more trees/plants that we can eat. I love the challenge of growing things to eat in our little yard. Kind of “micro-gardening.”

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