Educated Misconceptions

I want to encourage you to study. Most specifically, I want to encourage you to study the Bible. It’s important to study the language, background, culture, and context of  the Bible, because without it people can make wrong assumptions and conclusions about what the Bible says.

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A Blanket of Cats…

This morning I woke up under a blanket of four cats: Rikki was sleeping on my chest, Tessla was sleeping on my stomach, Little Bear was sleeping on my legs, and Luke was on my feet. Nothing is warmer or more cuddly than a blanket of cats. It’s a great way to wake up, although I felt so cuddly that I slept late.

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Baby Driver

After a winter of above normal temperatures, we plunged into colder yesterday. Last night we let the outside cats inside. They are outside cats because they can’t be fully trusted inside, but we don’t have the heart to leave them outside when it gets cold outside. My cat Rikki-Tikki-Tabby stuck very close to me all evening with loud purrs, and slept on me all night.

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What Did You Say?

The bint put fairy lights in her flat. When she was finished, she put a nappy on the baby and gave him a dummy. When the babysitter arrived, she put on her coat, bonnet, and wellingtons, and met her chum at the pub for supper, where she had fish and chips. She ordered a biscuit for dessert, but accidentally dropped it on the floor. Her chum laughed that she was all cack-handed. Her chum was a school leaver who was a Hooray Henry but could only find a job as a dog’s body.

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The Time of One’s Death

A good name is better than precious ointment, 
   and the day of death than the day of birth. (Eccl. 7:1)

I recently read an article from the Hebrew4christian website titled “He was Born to Die – The Focus of the Christmas Message…” It’s an article worth reading in its entirety. I have learned so much from Hebrew4christians. It is my very, very favorite website.

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Our Hanukkah (Days 1 – 8)

I have decided to combined all the nights in one post rather than do  a new post each night. I will update this each evening. Scroll down to read the Scripture for the new candle.

JJ and I have been celebrating the eight nights of Hanukkah by saying the blessings and lighting the candles. Each evening we light an additional candle as JJ reads the blessings in Hebrew and either he or I  repeat them in English. We read the same blessings and Scripture each day, adding the Scripture for the new candle.

EJ was able to join us on Day 5. He read the blessings and scripture in English and JJ read the blessings in Hebrew. It felt particularly special to have EJ celebrate Hanukkah with us. I made latkes and we ate them with applesauce, which is traditional Jewish Hanukkah food. Latkes are a potato pancake. My friend gave me her Jewish grandmother’s recipe. You can find the recipe at my other blog: See pictures of tonight’s Hanukkah celebration here:

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The Servant Candle

The Chanukiah (the Hanukkah menorah) has very special instructions for how it is lit. The lamp stand itself has eight candles, with one extra candle set apart or placed higher than the other candles. This special candle is the shamash, or servant candle.  All the main candles on the menorah receive their light from the shamash. In the same manner, we receive our light from the Messiah, the Suffering Servant of The Almighty of whom it was written:

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JJ lighting Hanukkah candles, 2009

Tuesday, December 20, begins one of my favorite holidays: Hanukkah. We celebrated it for the first time two years ago, and I cannot tell you how deep and meaningful we found it. I can’t wait to celebrate it again.

Hanukkah is not listed among the Feasts God commanded the Israelites to celebrate in Leviticus 23. However, John 10:22 mentions Jesus celebrating this Feast while He lived on earth.

Hanukkah is about standing against the culture, not letting the darkness overcome our light. It is very relevant for the times in which we live.

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