An Offensive God

I think it was C.S. Lewis, one of my favorite authors, who wrote that every generation has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Often, the current generation feels superior to previous generations, not realizing that while they may be stronger in some characteristics, a previous generation was stronger in others. So one generation might understand the love of God better, but other generations understood God’s holiness better, or had more courage in suffering, or had a deeper humility, or better grasp of obedience. Lewis suggested that people read books from all generations, and not just modern books, because if we read only books from the current generation, we gain only its strengths and all of it’s weaknesses. In reading books from every generation, we learn from the strengths of every generation and minimize weaknesses. I think that is wise advice.

What is the Role of a Pastor?

I believe that the church has erred in that leadership often grasps for power. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard leaders say that people ought to submit to them because they have authority over the congregation. There’s too much emphasis on getting authority rather than being the servant. This has been a problem through the centuries ever since Constantine gave favored status to the church. We have forgotten what Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 20:25-28.

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The Role of Women in the Church

I am not a feminist, and I never really questioned the role of women in the church until we attended a very tiny church (at most 20 people attended) with a pastor who believed women were under the submission of men to a degree I had never encountered before. Most churches I have attended believed that women were under the authority of men and, therefore, could not be in positions of leadership over them, but they believed it to varying degrees. Also the churches were large enough that there were plenty of ministry opportunities for women. It just wasn’t a problem.

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What We Believe

Several years, ago, my family attended a very small church. After awhile we became concerned about some of the teachings and practices of the church. Eventually we left. Our time at this church was painful, but it was also very interesting, and it is responsible for us going down an unexpected road. I think that just because things are difficult, it doesn’t mean they are bad.

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