Life to the Brim

Yikes! How quickly time passes! I have not written since April 1. Life has been filled to the brim during that time.

Chavrah and taught our first new Hebrew class on Sunday evening, April 1. It went well. The students all seemed very motivated to learn, which will be a delight. The mother of one of our students told Chavrah that her son was very impressed with our teaching. Wow. It was a lot of fun but, oh, by the end of the evening, after teaching three classes, we were utterly exhausted!  We didn’t have any classes last Sunday because of Passover and Easter celebrations, but we are looking forward to getting back to teaching this coming Sunday.

After learning that grocery stores often sell hamburger with pink slime in it, as well as other food that has been genetically-altered, chemically sprayed, or filled with disgusting fillers, EJ and I are determined to eat more healthy and find better recipes and better sources of food.

For quite some time, EJ’s co-worker/friend had been wanting to take us to Costco, a huge members-only store, for quite some time, so we went with him on Friday since EJ had a three-day weekend because of Good Friday and Easter. Costco sells a lot of bulk items, including meat with no pink slime. We bought a few things such as hamburger, chicken, and flax and chia seeds, which are great anti-toxidants. The friend bought us a membership to the store when we weren’t looking, which I thought was very nice. Then he took us to a Whole Foods store. It has a lot of organic foods and many different types of grains and seeds. The stores are about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away, so we will shop there only once every month or two. We will shop more at Costco because Whole Food‘s is quite expensive.

It’s really quite interesting learning about all these things. I am trying to incorporate at least one new recipe or process a week. As we change our food and eating habits, we are having more energy.

Passover plate with symbolic foods: maror, egg...

Passover plate with symbolic foods: maror, egg, haroset, karpas, zro'ah, dish of salt water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday evening we celebrated Passover. I love Passover because it is so full of beautifully deep meaning. The traditions make more sense to me than the traditions of Easter, especially as I learn of the history of Easter. I never really could connect what new clothes, bunnies, eggs, ham, and church breakfasts and extra services really had to do with Easter. But I love that everything in Passover, all the foods and traditions, relate deeply to our Messiah. If you have never celebrated Passover before, try it at least once. There are books/sites out there to teach you how to do it. It’s wonderful. I think this year was our fourth year of celebrating Passover. I didn’t know what JJ’s response would be the first time we celebrated it, but he so loved it that he said he wanted to do it every year.

Sunday afternoon EJ and I began to reorganize our kitchen so it will be more functional to preparing our healthier foods. We hadn’t planned to do it then, but once we got started we spent hours cleaning out cupboards and pantry, and getting rid of (giving away) food we no longer can or want to eat.

I am trying very hard to exercise more. For the last couple of days I have begun working out on my elliptical machine for 30 minutes first thing in the morning, and then another 15 minutes while JJ reads one of his books aloud in school. There are health groups encouraging people to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, which comes out to about 5 miles. I bought a pedometer to count my steps; I walk at least 10,000 steps a day.

Tonight JJ has his Boy Scout Order of the Arrow meeting. His scoutmaster takes him, but I have to go along because a leader and one scout cannot be together for the protection of them both.

So life is busy. But it is GOOD.

What do you think?

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