According to Our Faith

A couple of weeks ago we had unseasonably warm weather with temperatures near 80 degrees. It was really nice. I enjoyed taking my laptop to the patio table on our front porch to study Hebrew. Last week it was back to cooler temperatures, rain, and sweatshirts and jackets. I see that the temperatures are going to creep up to warmer temperatures this next week. That is the reality of Spring in Michigan: wildly changing weather.

Tonight the class Chavrah and I formed will meet for the first time. During the week we arranged “test” hangouts at Google+ so we could make sure everyone could successfully join the class. Our students are all very excited about the class. I am excited too. I’m hoping that everything will go off without a problem. I’m also hoping Chavrah and I will have the strength to teach three classes in a row!

Two of our Sunday evening classes were formed by another woman. (I will call her “H”). H is going through difficult times in her life, so she asked Chavrah and me to temporarily and indefinitely take over the classes. Last week Chavrah started the classes out with prayer. We found out later that H’s classes are made up of Jews, Messianic Jews, and Christians, and someone was a little offended that Chavrah prayed “in Jesus’ name.” We decided to address this directly, and Chavrah is going to spend a couple of minutes at the beginning of those two classes discussing the issue. Chavrah and I are Christians who love Israel and respect the Jewish people. We don’t intend to “proselytize” but our faith is who we are, and we might occasionally say something according to our faith. There are those who believe Yeshua was the Messiah and those who don’t in the class, and rather than try to be politically correct and weigh every word to avoid offending one group or another, we hope that everyone will graciously allow each other to be who and what they are without taking offense if someone mentions their rabbi or Yeshua. She is going to ask members if they would like to take turns starting the classes with prayer, and the Jews, Messianics, and Christians can each pray according to their faith. And, really, in many ways we all love the same God–the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

In other news, JJ and his Boy Scout troop joined other troops to work on their “Railroading” merit badge. The event was help a couple of hours northwest of us. They listened to lectures and then went on a train ride. Meanwhile, EJ and I enjoyed a quite day together. We did a couple of errands and then just hung out together.

What do you think?

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