Healthy Rebellion

Oh, I feel overwhelmed and rebellious today.

EJ’s doctor told him that he needs to lose weight and cut out sugar from his diet. Losing weight will relieve pressure on his back, and also cut down on a bunch of other problems. EJ is motivated so he bought himself a treadmill and we are trying to change our eating habits.

I want to lose weight too. I have been trying to exercise on my elliptical every day, cut out sugar, and have smaller portions. I have also begun a private Facebook group with two friends so we can encourage each other to live healthy.

A few months ago, my friend told me that she has an immunodeficiency disease, and her doctor had told her to avoid pork because her system couldn’t overcome the diseases of pork. She got to thinking that if a healthy immune system is required to eat pork then maybe pork isn’t all that good to eat. So her whole family stopped eating pork.  After she told me this, EJ and I researched pork and decided that, yuck, maybe it’s not good to eat. So we decided to quit eating pork.

Then, recently, we learned that a lot of grocery stores are mixing “pink slime” in their hamburger. It did not sound healthy or appealing (although I’ve come across a site explaining and defending pink slime). The thought of eating it turns my stomach. Yuck.

So no pork and no ground beef. There’s always chicken. I like boneless chicken breasts, but the chicken portions are getting smaller and smaller, and I hear they put antibiotics and hormones in them. Yuck.

EJ once read that a person’s body craves his or her ancesteral foods. My ancesters are from Ireland. I LOVE meat and potatoes. But now the meat is unappealing to me. And EJ can only half a potato or a handful of rice.

Suddenly, just like that, all my favorite foods are gone, all my recipes are unusable. I am feeling very overwhelmed. Somehow I have to develop recipes for foods I tolerate or don’t really care for. AND/OR we will have to start buying organic, which is expensive. I don’t want to spend half our budget on food. Sigh.

Today my friend has been sharing “healthy” recipes with me. She says I can do this. Some of the recipes sound interesting, and I want to fix meals that EJ can eat, but I don’t LOVE cooking, and I don’t have a lot of time in the day. I have to go from fixing breakfast to teaching school to fixing lunch before EJ goes to work. Yes, I can do prep in the evening, but my afternoons are busy with chores and by the time I am finished getting everything done that I need to get done, it is evening and I am tired and I don’t want more tasks added to my day. Oh, and by the way, I have to fit in exercise to my day.

I’m sure I can change, and I will stop complaining, but I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed by having to change everything. Why is it that things that are “good for you” are so awful tasting or awful to do?


What do you think?

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