Dangerous Storms

Very dangerous storms are hitting communities from Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes today. It is the second tornado outbreak this week. So far at least 28 people have been killed. The news footage shows terrible devastation.

All day I have heard family and friends on Facebook saying that tornado sirens were going off and they were in closets or basements.

Northern Michigan is getting a lot of snow. Where I live, however, we have escaped the heavy snow and terrible tornadoes. Our severe weather has consisted of severe wind. The meteorologists say sustained winds between 30 to 50 mph with gusts to 75 mph are possible. A local friend said on Facebook: “This wind is scary! My lights are flickering a lot. Please power don’t go out.”

Our power is steady, but I can hear the wind howling.

I’m mostly concerned because EJ is driving home in this high wind. I’m hoping that he won’t be blown away or get flattened by trees limbs. I am “praying him home.”

What do you think?

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