The Death of Itty Bitty

Yikes! It’s been several days since I have written. I was busy and time went fast!

EJ didn’t have to work last weekend, so we spent the weekend together. We shopped for boots and other things for EJ, but mostly we enjoyed being together and talking. I really enjoy spending time with my husband!

Not long after EJ left for work on Monday afternoon, I got a call asking me to come rescue him. He had left home early to do a few errands on his way to work, and he was driving on a city street when the front end of Itty Bitty, his Geo Metro car (yes, sometimes we name our cars), collapsed and bled out fluid. EJ told me what happened technically, but I can’t remember what he said. Maybe he said the drive shaft broke? All I can really remember is that he described it as being like a horse going down on its front legs or like an arm being pulled out of its socket. The car is pretty much dead.

While JJ drove us to where EJ and the dead Itty Bitty was, a young man who lived nearby came out of his house and asked EJ if he needed help. He gave EJ some kitty litter so EJ could soak up the car’s fluids. Shortly after JJ and I arrived, another neighbor came out of her house and talked to us while we waited for the tow truck. Both the young man and the woman were very nice. It took quite a while for the tow truck to arrive. EJ drove us home in the HHR while the tow truck with Itty Bitty followed us.

Although it’s not good that our car died, I feel very thankful because if Itty Bitty had collapsed while we were driving on the highway during the weekend, we could have been seriously hurt or killed, leaving JJ, who stayed at home, an orphan. If EJ had been driving down the highway on his way to work when the car collapsed, he could have been seriously hurt or killed, leaving JJ and me alone. Instead it happened while he was driving slowly down a city street. I am so thankful that EJ is safe!

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Another interesting thing that happened is that Sunday evening I was the first one to arrive at my on-line Hebrew class, so my teacher and I chatted while we waited for the others. While I was telling her that EJ, JJ, and I have no one nearby to study Hebrew or the Jewish context of the Scriptures with. While we were talking, another classmate arrived in the class. She said she has been in a nearby city before. The next day on Facebook she introduced me on to one of her friends who studies Hebrew and lives only 10 minutes from me. The woman and I became Facebook friends and we are going to meet each other at a local deli tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what happens next…Don’t you think? I think it’s funny that a friend in Texas invited me to an on-line class taught by a woman from Colorado, and one of the students lives in Ohio and introduced me to someone who lives 10 minutes from me.

Life is interesting. You never know what is going to happen…

What do you think?

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