It’s Tuesday already?!!!!!

Sunday we listened to the teaching of Izzy Avraham of Crown of Messiah Ministries, and had interesting discussions about it.

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Afterwards, we drove 30+ miles to Lansing, the capital city of Michigan, in an attempt to find boots for EJ because his boots are falling apart. The store he wanted to go to was closed, so we went to another store. They had boots, but EJ wanted leather boots, which they didn’t have. So we gave up, and as a special treat we decided to go out to eat at a restaurant. We passed a Red Robin restaurant and decided to stop there since we had never gone there before. Red Robin serves mostly hamburgers. The hamburgers were very delicious, but they were rather expensive so we probably won’t be back. Still, we laughed a lot and it was a fun outing.

EJ always gets me laughing. He’s very funny with a good sense of humor. Which reminds me…When we were dating years ago, EJ used to give me BIG hugs that squeezed the breath out of me. One day he gave me one of his huge hugs and he didn’t squeeze the breath out of me, he squeezed a fart out of me–and not a silent fart, or a lady-like fart, but a HUGE fart. It was quite embarrassing, because a person really wants to show her best qualities when dating, you know? But I laughed because it really was very funny, and he joined in laughing. EJ says that is the moment when he decided he would ask me to marry him. I bet no one else in all the world was proposed to because she farted! Whenever I tell people that, EJ always responds, “No, no, no! I decided to marry you because you LAUGHED when you farted instead of dying of embarrassment.” He says that he knew that life could be difficult, and a person had to be able to laugh or he/she wouldn’t survive. He wanted to marry someone who had a sense of humor and could laugh in adversity.


Yesterday I woke up at 6:30 a.m. Usually I like to wake up slowly, making and drinking coffee, checking Facebook, getting the woodstove going, watching the Weather Channel on TV. But yesterday I had to get a roast cooking in the crockpot, and I peeled potatoes, turnips, and carrots to go in with it. I was out of my homemade soup mix, so I had to make another batch, then make a cup of soup from the mix to put in the crockpot. Then I did dishes. JJ wasn’t awake yet, so I decided to get the laundry done. Our washer died about 6 months ago, so until we can get another one, I’ve been taking the clothes to the laundromat, which is about two blocks away. I don’t really mind taking the clothes there–although lugging them to and from the car is a bit tiresome. Sitting in the quiet landromat is a perfect time to study my Hebrew vocabulary cards. Once the clothes are washed, I bring them home and send the day drying them in the dryer. During the summer, I dry them outside on the clothesline.

Inversion Table

When I got home from the laundromat, JJ was awake, so we had breakfast and then did school. Afterwards, JJ helped his Dad set up the inversion table that someone at work had given him. They set it up in guest room. Supposedly, an inversion table will be good for EJ’s back. I hope so.

Ugh…I have been feeling SO TIRED. I am afraid I might be coming down with something. A few years ago, I had chronic sinus infections, and usually the first symptom was tiredness. Back then I was sick  for months at a time, and had to take several strong antibiotics. I ended up having sinus surgery, which was awful, but which cured my constant infections. I’ve stayed quite healthy since then, with only occasional colds, etc. that I quickly got over. Still, I always get nervous when I get dragging tired. I have begun drinking Airborne to try to bolster my immune system and keep any illness away…

What do you think?

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