Fencing vs. Swordfighting

Someone shared this on their Facebook page today. Looks like we are right in the middle of the sixteen-year-old “My Mom is so annoying.” I can’t wait to reach 25 years and hear him say, “Mom, you were right.”

Ugh, I so hate when teenagers get “snarky,” which means “critical; cutting; testy.” JJ’s snarkiness has been like Michigan weather. In Michigan, we can go for days and weeks without seeing the sun because the Lakes are cloud-makers and they hold the clouds over our state. We are used to it, although too many sunless days can get very tiresome.

This morning, I told JJ that “the rudeness IS going to stop, I’ve had my fill of it, and I can take no more.” I explained that he seems to think that he is gaining points when he scores a “hit,” but his insults are very difficult and hurtful to me.

A lot of times, JJ’s metaphors don’t make a lot of sense. In fact we all–JJ included–laugh at his crazy metaphors. But I thought he came up with a wonderfully profound metaphor to describe insults: “Oh, so its like the difference between Fencing and Sword fights?” EXACTLY. In fencing, a person is competing with a blunted sword in a competition in which he tries to score points against his opponent. Both know the rules and no one gets hurt. In swordfighting, a person is attempting to destroy an enemy. He draws blood and can permanently maim or kill.

JJ apologized, and said he would try not to insult. He was very kind today. This is all I wanted.

What do you think?

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