“Life Back Then”

I remember back when there was no such thing as emails, and people wrote letters. Often when I finally received a letter from family or friends, it would say:


How are you. I am fine. Well, nothing much is happening, and my hand is hurting, so I will end this letter. Write back soon.

Love, *******

I guess they felt that they had to have some major event to write about, but I always wrote letters about the day-to-day events of my life because I have always felt that life is made up of more little events than major ones, and it’s the way that I live my daily life and the little decisions to be honest or faithful or brave that determine who I am and what I will do when I face big important decisions. A person can’t expect to be brave or faithful when faced with a BIG MOMENT if he hasn’t been brave or faithful in the tiny day-to-day decisions.

Besides, who knows what people find interesting? Thousands of people have been fascinated by books about Laura Ingalls Wilder‘s life, but all she wrote about were common day-to-day things that everyone in her time was familiar with. It would be comparable to us writing about doing dishes or laundry or going to work. I remember times when Eric and I listened to elderly people talk about their early lives, and it’s fascinating hearing what life was like back them. Our lives today will someday be “life back then.”

In fact, aspects of my life are already “back then.” I remember, for example, when I watched the first color TV in my neighborhood. My family all went over to our dear neighbor’s house and watched Lassie Come Home in COLOR on her new COLOR TV. I had never seen a color TV before then. I remember the first time a man walked on the moon. I was young, and I wasn’t impressed, because I didn’t realize that men had never before walked on the moon. I remember that my Dad had one of the first home computers. He had to type in pages and pages of coding from a magazine to run a program because there were no computer disks to load in. One mistake could mess up the program and we’d spend hours trying to find the typo. Later, programs could be loaded onto the computer from cassette tapes (remember cassette tapes?) which were put into a device that was connected to the computer.  He had a computer “bulletin board” which was a precursor to the Internet. People had to know our specific telephone number to call to hook up to his “web page” and to connect to the “web” they put the handset of their phone on the modem hooked to the computer. I remember the first “game console.” I think it was an atari. We hooked it up to our TV and we had to put a thin plastic sheet on the TV screen to provide the background–like the ping pong table background for Pong.

So I write about interesting things I am learning about God and Hebrew and the Bible, but I also try to write about my “boring” daily life. In fact, these two things actually go hand-in-hand because the reason I learn about God and the Bible and Faith is so I can live it in my day-to-day life. God and daily life cannot, must not, be separated. God wants to be in my relationships, in my attitudes, in my tasks, in my finances, and so on. I had a friend who went through a difficult time, and she kept saying to me, “I don’t have time to read the Bible, ponder, pray, connect with friends….someday things will calm down and I’ll have time to do those things again.” I always felt that she didn’t have a good understanding of God, faith, or friends because they are for difficult times, not just for good times.

Anyway, my life today went like this:

This morning I had trouble waking up and getting motivated. I like to gradually wake up with getting on-line and drinking coffee, but I had Internet connection problems. It’s sort of frustrating not to be able to connect. But after a short time, I could connect with the Internet and my friends.

Once I had fully wakened (woken? awakened?)–about 10 a.m. (I told you I was unmotivated), I gathered the laundry to take to the laundromat to wash. I still do not yet have a washer. I don’t mind. It’s not so bad. I usually take my Hebrew vocabulary cards to learn while I wait for the washers to finish. The worse part is lugging the wet baskets of clothes from the laundromat to home. The baskets are HEAVY. Then I spend the day drying the clothes in my dryer and folding them, finishing about 11 p.m.

About 2 p.m. or so, EJ and I drove to the next town to refill our water jugs. The water in our small village is pretty awful, so we buy water to drink, to make coffee, and to cook with. We hope to get a water filter so we don’t have to buy water, but first we need a washer, and EJ needs new glasses, and….a water filter is far down the list.

I love to drive places with EJ. We always talk about life, and God, and Scripture, and struggles, and lessons learned while we drive.

At store, EJ refilled the water jugs while I shopped for a few items, periodically putting them in EJ’s cart. An elderly woman was refilling her jugs so EJ had to wait to fill ours. He got to chatting with the woman. People seem to easily connect with EJ, and they are always telling him their life stories. This woman told him that her husband has Alzheimer’s and they are moving up north to live near family who can help her care for her husband. When she finished filling her jugs and walked away, she passed me returning to put more items in EJ’s cart. She leaned over and said to me, “You have a really nice man.” I agreed. EJ is protective, sacrificial, generous, funny, intelligent, and interesting to talk to. He is my very best friend. I love to be with him.

On our way home from the store, we stopped at a Hot & Ready pizza place and bought a couple pizzas. When we got home, JJ helped us bring everything in, and then we ate pizza and chips. Not exactly health food, but, hey, I didn’t have to cook it!

After the pizza, I did the dishes, put more clothes in the dryer, and then forced myself to burn 200 calories on the elliptical. I do best when I can burn 100 in the morning because then it doesn’t feel so hard to burn another 100 later in the day. However, I was so unmotivated this morning that I didn’t get on the elliptical. I didn’t want to get on the elliptical at all today, but recording elliptical log on this blog motivates me. I don’t want to have to tell you that I skipped it. So I got on the torture device and burned all 200 at once!

I folded some clothes, and then EJ and I took Danny for a walk. EJ didn’t want to go because his back hurt and he is feeling rundown, but he didn’t want me to go without him–especially since it was dark outside–and I didn’t really want to disappoint Danny, whose best part of his day is going for a walk with me. I would have not gone to spare EJ, but he said, “Let’s not disappoint Danny.” When Danny saw me getting on my shoes, he began to leap for joy. We took him on a shorter-than-usual walk around the block in the dark, but at least he got a walk.

Now we three are all sitting next to each other working on our laptops while EJ also watches football game and I continue drying and folding clothes. Danny is at my feet and we are surrounded by cats.

EJ has sometimes wondered if he should have a blog. I think he would be wonderful at blogging because he writes well, is interesting, has a lot of interests, and would have a lot to say. We have encouraged him to “go for it” today, and he’s working on it right now. When he gets his blog going, I will post the link on my blog. By the way, if you hover on a link, you can read a brief description of each of them are about.

And that is my day today. Every part of my day was lived–consciously and unconsciously–in the knowledge of Whose I Am. All my dealings with my family, friends, and other people, reflect Whose I am. The way I handle my fiances, and the attitude I have when doing my chores reflect Whose I Am. God is who holds my life together, and He is the One who influences all I do.

One thought on ““Life Back Then”

  1. TJ says:

    EJ has his blog up. Check it out! He calls it “The Outside Dawg.” Here is the link: http://outsidedawg.wordpress.com/

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