A Blanket of Cats…

This morning I woke up under a blanket of four cats: Rikki was sleeping on my chest, Tessla was sleeping on my stomach, Little Bear was sleeping on my legs, and Luke was on my feet. Nothing is warmer or more cuddly than a blanket of cats. It’s a great way to wake up, although I felt so cuddly that I slept late.

Today felt busy. Besides doing my normal tasks of exericising, teaching school, walking to the post office with EJ, fixing lunch, doing dishes, and walking Danny, I also cleaned out a coat closet because we suspected there might be mice living in it. I didn’t see any mice, but the cats have killed two mice this week, and Little Bear was interested in the closet.

I spent two hours studying Hebrew with my friend. It is SO GOOD to be back to learning Hebrew! We have so much fun learning together!

I am also really excited about studying Pirkei Avot. Our teacher is Keren Pryor, whose late husband, Dwight A. Pryor, was the Founder and President of the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies in Dayton, Ohio. He was also a founding board member of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research in Israel. Keren also is a teacher and writer. I love Facebook because even though I live in a small little village in a rural area, I can be friends with excellent Biblical scholars and authors and learn from them. What a blessing!

There is a saying that if Mama goes on a diet, the whole family goes on a diet.I have decided to read Pirdei Avot in homeschool with JJ so we can learn it together. “When Mama learns Hebrew, we ALL learn Hebrew.” LOL.

I have added several more sites to my “Favorite Websites” blogroll. Check them out! I also added a new blog to my list called Knightlights. It is the blog of my friend, Jen. She is just getting started with her very first blog, so go give her some encouragement!


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