Baby Driver

After a winter of above normal temperatures, we plunged into colder yesterday. Last night we let the outside cats inside. They are outside cats because they can’t be fully trusted inside, but we don’t have the heart to leave them outside when it gets cold outside. My cat Rikki-Tikki-Tabby stuck very close to me all evening with loud purrs, and slept on me all night.

This week we are slowly getting back into our routine. JJ and I went back to school yesterday, I went back to studying Hebrew with my friend, and EJ went back to work today.

I have joined a FB/email group that is studying the book Pirkei Avos, which is Hebrew for Ethics of the Fathers.  JJ and I read a book in school called The Jewish Book of Values, which is also about ethics. JJ and I love learning Jewish ethics. I think they are the highest standard of ethics ever. I always learn so much.

Tonight JJ drove himself to his Boy Scout meeting all by himself. I think it’s exciting that he can drive alone, but it’s amazing how difficult and scary it is to let him drive off without me. I kept telling him to be careful because it might be slippery, to make sure he doesn’t lock his keys in the car, to text me when he reached the church where the Scouts meet so I know that he got there safely. For goodness sakes, it’s only about three blocks away!!! He said he wasn’t going to text me, but then he did. He texted: “very slippery out at church got jiggity twice.” Let me tell you, I can really relate to the following commercial. My baby boy will always be my baby boy:

Ok. I have a confession to make: I have been nominated for a couple of blog awards by my friend, The Women at the Well. To accept the awards a person has to do various things, like nominate others for the award, or list your own posts that you think are your best. I appreciate The Woman at the Well’s sweet kindness in nominating me very, very much. I tried to accept the awards, but I struggle to find the time to do what is required between school, and chores, and learning Hebrew, and walking the dog, and writing in my blog, and studying Pirkei Avot…I also wondered how, after I’ve fulfilled the requirements, I get the little award badge. And then I thought in frustration, Oh, Bother!!!! At one time, awards meant an awful lot to me. It’s what gave me value and boosted my self-esteem. Over the years, God taught me not to base my value on them. I’m not saying it’s not fun to get awards or that there’s anything wrong with getting them, but it wasn’t good to base my value on them. Anyway, I so APPRECIATE being nominated, and please forgive me for not pursuing them, but the greatest award to me is having people actually read my blog!

What do you think?

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