New Year’s NyQuil

What are your New Year’s Eve customs?

Sometimes we go visit friends or they visit it us, and we eat junk food and play games. After we watch the Time’s Square ball drop at midnight, we drive home and/or go up to bed.

However, if we are alone on New Year’s Eve, I make homemade pizza, and we have various kinds of potato chips, and we hunker down and watch the entire  Lord of the Rings movie–ALL 12 or so hours of it. I have loved Lord of the Rings since I discovered the book 30-something years ago. Besides being an incredible story, there are so many scenes that remind me of our walk of faith. For example, I always think of Jesus protecting us from Satan as Gandalf protected his friends in the following scene:

This year, we will watch The Lord of the Rings, and we will probably have pizza and various kinds of chips if I can motivate myself to get it done. However, I will also include NyQuil and cough drops to the menu.

Ugh. I am coming down with something. I am not feeling well…

2 thoughts on “New Year’s NyQuil

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    Sick? Yuck! I hope NyQuil helps my friend. Thanks you for the vid clip I agree Jesus is exactly like that, awesome representation! May God restore you to full health quickly.

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