The Day After Christmas

Yesterday was a workday.

In the morning I loaded TONS of clothes into the car and took them to the laundromat to wash. I filled five triple load washers (the sixth one was not working) and two regular washers with clothes. EJ went with me and we sat and talked while the clothes washed. Then we brought the clothes home and I spent the rest of the day drying them in our dryer.

I also took down the Christmas tree and cleaned the house. I know that many people keep their trees up until after the new year, but I like taking mine down right after Christmas day. Call me a grinch if you want, but by Christmas day I am tired of walking around the tree and I am ready for it to be down. I like the spaciousness of the treeless room, and the feel of a clean house. Besides, most of the branches had been  knocked off the tree by Little Bear…

EJ (and sometimes JJ) worked outside at one thing or another (I’m not sure what), but it involved using an extension cord, which was snaked through the back door. Luke can open not completely shut doors, and he got the door open and escaped. EJ and JJ caught him and took him back in. They did a head count and couldn’t find Annie so they thought she had escaped too, but later she magically reappeared in the house. We sometimes suspect that cats have the power to teleport because they disappear and reappear. Sometimes we have a cat on our lap and don’t know when it appeared there. Other times one cat is on our lap and suddenly it’s a different cat. So you can see where we suspect teleportation….

I actually got in a little Hebrew study with my friend yesterday. We have not been able to study much in December. We didn’t get to study long, but we did get in some review. Hopefully we can study more this week.

The temperatures here in Michigan have been very warm for this time of year (high 30s) so all our snow melted. We have had no snow for a couple of weeks. However, this morning it started snowing and it is still snowing. I like snow in winter. It covers everything and makes everything beautiful. I am not one for outdoor events. I don’t ski or ice fish or sled, but there is nothing more cozy than sipping coffee while sitting in front of a fire while wrapped in a quilt with a cat (or two) on my lap and a dog at my feet on a cold, snowy day.

What do you think?

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