Today was a very busy day.

I needed to do laundry, and our cat Luke needed to be taken to the vet because he was sniffling and sneezing. So we divided up the tasks. EJ and JJ took Luke to the vet while I took the clothes to the laundromat after stopping at the bank for rolls of quarters and stopping at the post office for our mail. We live in such a small village that there is no mail delivery in town–everyone has a post office box. It is rumored that our post office will be closing. If that is true, we will probably have a post office box in the next town where EJ works, and he can get the mail on his way to work each day. I got The Christmas Story DVD in the mail today. (See the video at left) YEAH!

I also got The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels in the mail. It is the four Gospels in Hebrew and English. It opens as a Hebrew book would so the front cover of the Bible is what would be the back cover of our Bibles. It has names in Hebrew–so “Jesus” is “Yeshua,” “Matthew” is “Mattai” and so on. It also has Hebrew prayers, blessings, and idioms in it. It’s pretty cool. I bought it because I want to read the Bible in Hebrew.  Click on The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels, and then click on Features and Photos to see what it looks like.

EJ, JJ, and I all got home from our tasks at the same time. Luke has a respiratory infection and we have medication that we have to give him twice a day. We also will be taking Timmy to the vet Thursday morning to get neutered. Poor thing doesn’t know what’s coming….

After fixing lunch, doing dishes, and seeing EJ off to work, JJ and I went to the next town (where EJ works) to get water. Our village water isn’t all that great, so we buy water every week. Someday we will get a water purifier…We usually don’t get water on the same day I do laundry because I wash a full week of clothes at the laundromat and then it takes all day to dry them in the dryer at home and fold them, and that’s enough for one day. However, tomorrow morning we are going to the Secretary of State office to get JJ’s license, and in the afternoon there is a possibility of rain and snow. I don’t want to go anywhere if the weather is bad, so I got everything done today.

JJ drove us to and from the store today. He drove with a lot more confidence. Usually he has said things like “Do I stop here? Do I put my signal on now…” Today he didn’t say anything like that. I mentioned it to him and he said that until yesterday he was worried about doing everything right and not flunking his test. Now he is not worried about it because he knows he won’t get points off if he doesn’t do things perfectly.

When we got home, I took Danny for a walk. Then I did a bunch of other tasks. Now I am waiting for the next load of clothes to dry. Yawn.


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