Today is THE DAY

JJ takes his driving test TODAY at 3:30 p.m. EST.

We are thinking about trying to leave at about 2 p.m. so JJ has time to practice before his test. The test will last about an hour unless he makes a major mistake. If he makes a mistake, the test is over IMMEDIATELY.

The extra practice has helped JJ, and he drove with more confidence. However, I do not know how much nervousness will affect him. He didn’t sleep all that well last night.

I’ll let you know later how he did…

Oh, pray for JJ’s cat, Luke, who is sick. We are taking him to the vet tomorrow morning.


One thought on “Today is THE DAY

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    Good Luck JJ!! We are praying for you, my church family, me and my family too….You’re ready Your mom has prepared you well and God is with you…You’ll do great!

    Thanks TJ, I lifted JJ up in prayer today, the rest is up to God, but I think all will go well, you guys have spent lots of practice time ironing out the kinks. God bless. -watw

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