Driving Test Results…

I think that I must have gotten more gray hair today after JJ’s driving test.

JJ getting ready to drive us to his driving test...

We left about 2 p.m., and drove around the town where the driving test was for a bit more practice. Then I discovered that the driving test was to be held NOT at the driving school, but several miles away behind the bowling alley. So we got there with 5 minutes to spare and I found out that we needed $45 cash for the test. I had known none of this. The instructor said that he thinks he forgot to hand out the paper giving the information. He was retired but subbing for his son, whose wife just had a baby. In the excitement, he probably forgot. Between JJ and I, we managed to come up with $45. Whew.

First JJ had to do a skills test. Traffic cones were set up and JJ had to pull up to a white line without touching it, then back into a space, then parallel park between cones while the instructor and I stood outside the car. We couldn’t say a word except for the instructor giving instructions. The instructor was very nice. He kept encouraging JJ and giving instructions under his breath so JJ couldn’t hear. He told me that JJ had done these tests EXCELLENTLY in class, but today he knocked into several cones. If JJ got 6 points the test was over. He got a couple.

Then we did the driving test. I sat in the back seat and couldn’t say a word. I silently texted EJ, who was at home, during the test. It helped me deal with the stress.

The instructor could only give JJ instructions–about where to go, when to change lanes, and such. JJ made a pretty major mistake not too far into the test: There were lines alongside the street indicating parking places. A car had driven on them as if it was a right turn lane. JJ followed him. Oops. The instructor said sternly, “This is NOT a passing lane!” JJ corrected himself. He did other things like driving too fast over railroad tracks, and too slow when exiting the freeway.

At the end of the test, the instructor asked me if I saw JJ do anything that he needs to improve on. I told him a few things. Then the instructor discussed with JJ the things he had seen. He had JJ describe the restrictions of the Level 2 license. I thought, “Did he pass? Did he pass?”

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ HE PASSED! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

Now we have to get him on our car insurance (ouch!) and take him to the  Secretary of State office to get his Level 2 license.

I am SO GLAD this is over! Did I tell you that I think I got more gray hair today?


6 thoughts on “Driving Test Results…

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    yes but the gray hair is beautiful on you my dear! GREAT JOB to ALL, congrats JJ!!! God Bless -watw

  2. Wow! Our text are so much easier

  3. TJ says:

    Ariel, I was amazed at all kids have to go through to get a license now. When I got my license years ago, I just had to take about a 4 week class with in-class and on the road instruction. Then I went to the Secretary of State, had a written test and road test, then got my license.

    These days, kids have to complete 3 levels:

    Level 1: Kids at about 15 years old (I think they could be 14 years and 10 months) could take a six week class with 2 hours classroom instruction two times a week with additional on-the-road driving practice. At the end the class, they had a written test and driving test. If they passed they got a temporary paper driver’s license, which means they could drive with a parent in the car. After at least 180 days, 50 hours of day-time driving, and 10 hours of night-time driving they could go on to Level 2.

    Level 2: Kids at least 16 years old have to take six hours of classroom instruction to remind them of information they learned in Level 1. There was some practice driving around cones. At the end of the class, they have a written test. Then they schedule a road test, which involves a car inspection, a skills test, and a driving test, which JJ just took. Tomorrow we will go to the Secretary of State and JJ will get a regular license. It will look slightly different than an adult license to indicate that he is a probationary driver.

    Level 3: At this level, JJ must be 18 years old and be violation free for 10 months. If he has a traffic violation, he will have to begin the 10 months all over. I do not know if he has another test…I guess I will find out. If JJ completes this level, he gets a regular adult license.

    There is a lot to it.

    • That almost sounds like a good thing. help us to be better drivers. There are a lot of really scary drivers out there. But all I had to do to get mine was take a written test to get a permit, then when I turned 16 took a very short driving test with no complicated stuff and that was it. I did take a one semester class in school, but that was so insurance would be cheaper and we didn’t really do much in it either.

      • TJ says:

        As a mother, I am sort of glad they put the kids through so many levels and tests. However, I am glad that I didn’t have to go through all that to get MY license. LOL.

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