I am trying to write this post with two cats–one (Timmy) sitting on my lap with his head resting on the keyboard and one (KeeKee) sitting next to me on my lap. It’s not easy writing this way, but in our house cats rule.

I haven’t had time this week to write anything deep. JJ didn’t have a class today, but this morning I had him drive me back to the city where he will have his driving test on Sunday. I had him get on and off the freeway over and over again until he did it with confidence. Then I had him drive a complicated street in which five streets came together, four of which the cars had to  stop while the fifth had the right of way. We did it until he was comfortable with it. Then we drove around town, practicing right and left turns. By the time we headed home, he had gained confidence in driving the unfamiliar city. I hope we can practice driving every day until his test.

After EJ left for work, I took Danny for a walk. It was very windy today with dramatic dark clouds. I used my phone to take a picture while I was walking Danny.

Aren’t the clouds pretty?

I sent away for the DVD called “In My Flesh I See God.” I shared the link to Youtube segments the other day. I can’t wait to watch the whole thing. It’s such an awesome video. I strongly urge you to watch it on Youtube…I bet you won’t be able stop. Here’s the link again if you want it.



2 thoughts on “Driven

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:


    Thank you that in your example of how to prepare JJ for life in the real world you have gently encouraged him to practice and get comfortable with his new found skills. You are a wonderful mother, patient, and in constant love for her child…beautiful, thanks for showing us how it’s done! great post, thanks for the link again. I wanted to check it out. God bless my friend. -watw

  2. TJ says:


    When I was a child, I thought adults knew exactly what to do and had all the answers. As an adult, I learned that none of us have all the answers. I love my son deeply, and there are things I do right, but I don’t always know what I am doing as a parent, I am not always patient, and I certainly don’t always get it right. (JJ would agree with that statement. LOL) JJ is funny, intelligent, and has a loving heart, but he has also always been strong-willed and we sometimes butt heads. I think parenting is made up of love, prayer, sacrifice, perseverance, endurance, guessing, tears, and repentance/forgiveness.

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