Pictorial Update

It’s been several weeks since I have written. The weeks have been busy.

EJ and JJ returned from hunting. Alas, no deer. We enjoyed the following week–the week of Thanksgiving–together, mixing in work and play. We expected my mother- and sister-in-law for Thanksgiving. I planned NOT to do major deep cleaning since we were providing most of the meal and I wanted to spend time with EJ since he was on vacation, but we ended up rearranging all of our furniture. Our living/dining room is basically one L shaped room, with the living room in one part of the L and the dining room in the other. Sometimes I put the dining room table away and make a study area instead with the loveseat in it. Often we’ve done school there. After Thanksgiving we ordered JJ’s new laptop and got rid of my old computer desk, which opened up new possibilities. I rearranged the rooms again, with the desk JJ had been using for his PC in the “dining room” and made it more into an office area. This is what the room looks like now:

I put the loveseat where the computer desks used to be. JJ now uses this for his “nest” area. We let him have his laptop as soon as it arrived because I don’t think he could have waited until Christmas–and he could check that there were no problems with it. He loves it:

I do my computing on the couch on the other side of the room, while EJ sits in his green chair.

EJ was very rested and it was fun to have him home for two weeks. He went back to work last Monday, working long hours and through the weekend. JJ and I got back to school.

Yesterday afternoon I put up our Christmas tree. JJ wasn’t really interested in helping me–he’s still delighting in his laptop. However, I had PLENTY of “help.” All the cats are interested in the boxes of decorations, and the younger cats (especially Little Bear) loves to climb the tree. They flatten and pull  out branches and knock off the decorations. JJ suggested that we not put any decorations on the tree this year, but only the lights. It’s still pretty…for now. The tree is usually pretty pathetic looking by Christmas day.

Yesterday evening was JJ’s Boy Scout Court of Honor, in which the scouts are awarded the merit badges they’ve earned since the last Court of Honor and advance in rank.

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance
Receiving his merit badges

At the end of November, we had six inches of snow. I took some pictures of the storm and of the morning after. Here are a couple:

One thought on “Pictorial Update

  1. thewomanatthewell says:

    TJ,I just loveyou and your family. I don't get here as often as I want to anymore, I miss that. You are always in my thoughts though, please know that. I am glad you survived the turkey day. May God keep blessing you my friend.-WATW

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