Life Goes On…

My spirits are reviving as I get back into routine after having contact with my family. I guess that as I have struggled over the years with difficult people, I have been forced to wrestle with issues of repentance, forgiveness, boundaries, and love. Hopefully, I am understanding more about what it all means, but I also find my heart is more broken by it all.

Ah well, life goes on.

Yesterday we all got haircuts. I love ♥ the couple who cut our hair. They are a Christian husband and wife who transformed their garage into a hair salon. When we get our hair cut, it always feels as if they are friends FIRST and beauticians SECOND–like we go to visit them and, oh, yes, they also cut our hair for us. They not only cut our hair, they also pray for us and give us hugs. We have a great time.

Last night was EJ’s last night at work. He has the next two weeks off as vacation. We are leaving this afternoon to attend EJ’s niece’s wedding several hours north of us. The wedding is at 6:30 p.m., and we will leave the reception about 10 p.m. (because we have pets to care for) so we will get home very late. It will be a long day.

On Monday EJ and JJ will travel north again–about four hours– to go deer hunting on EJ’s friend’s parent’s place. They live on 100+ acres of wooded land. JJ doesn’t like to hunt, but he does enjoy spending the time with his Dad. I always stay home and enjoy the time to myself to do whatever I want whenever I want. This year I plan to spend hours each day practicing Hebrew with my friend in Texas. The hours we spend practicing together each week really helps us learn Hebrew. If you want to learn something well, study with a friend!

I have not been on my elliptical machine in several months. I just didn’t know how to fit it in my day. I mean, when I was done with my daily tasks, I really did not want to exercise, I wanted to relax. But I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday. Bleagh. So I determined I MUST GET ON THE ELLIPTICAL EVERY DAY. I exercised last night and again this morning. I CAN DO THIS! Right?

Yesterday we had our first snow. For a while it came down in HUGE flakes that hit us in splotches. Danny, JJ, and I took a walk in it. When we walked into the snow, we couldn’t open our eyes because the splotches of snow hit our faces–it was almost like getting hit in the face with snowballs. We got maybe an inch of snow. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to cover the ground. Most of it is gone now, of course. Here are pictures of JJ and Danny in the snow. You can see the big snowflakes on JJ’s coat.

Well, I’ve got to get started on my day….

2 thoughts on “Life Goes On…

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    Oh BURRR! Snows flying here often, lol…you guys look like the weather don’t bother you a bit. God bless my friend.-WATW

    PS, What do ya think of this crazy weather we’re havin’ on wordpres?..they say it’s not s’posed to stop til…how much accumulation do you think that will end up being?

  2. TJ says:

    The weather turned warmer a few days ago and we got lots of rain, so so our snow is all gone…for the moment. I confess that I love winter, but mostly because I feel so cozy wrapped in a quilt in front of the woodstove with a cat on my lap. I’m not much for outdoor sports!

    Don’t you just love the snow on WordPress? It is very festive!

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