Life Goes On…

My spirits are reviving as I get back into routine after having contact with my family. I guess that as I have struggled over the years with difficult people, I have been forced to wrestle with issues of repentance, forgiveness, boundaries, and love. Hopefully, I am understanding more about what it all means, but I also find my heart is more broken by it all.

Ah well, life goes on.

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Acknowledge & Accept

One of my favorite books that we are reading in our homeschool is The Book of Jewish Values – A Day-by-Day Guide to Ethical Living by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. The book has taught us a lot, caused us to pondering many things, and has resulted in some interesting discussions. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Today’s reading went along with what I have been writing lately about repentance and forgiveness, so I’d like to share it:

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Measure for Measure

This last week has been busy, and I have been pondering this topic, so I have not written.

In school this year, JJ and I are studying American Government and Biblical laws. The books we are using are Basic American Government, Biblical Case Law, and Tools of Dominion – The Case Laws of Exodus.  I do not like particularly the title of Tools of Dominion, but it is actually a very interesting book that has caused me to ponder things that I’ve never considered before, including matters related to repentance and forgiveness. I’d like to share some of the things the book says.

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Sitting in the Rain

I think that if a person has read what I have written for the last month without knowing all the history behind it, they’d think I was an awful person–very unloving, unforgiving, and emotional about my family. But there are years and years of rejection, hurt, frustration, endurance, perseverance, and more behind what you have read in the last few weeks.

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