A Blurry Week

It’s Saturday morning, and I am not sure what happened to the week. It went by in a blur.

Monday we unloaded the last load of wood from our van, Aunt Dolly Llama. I did the last of our laundry. I went to the store for bottled water and a few groceries. I got everything extra done so that Tuesday afternoon I could study Hebrew with my friend via Google+. We are now able to read and translate more complex sentences. Hebrew is an awesome language. Every Hebrew word has a three letter root word. Vowel marks, prefixes, and suffixes are added to the root word to change its meaning. So, for example, king, kings, ruled/reigned, kingdom all come from the same three letter root of מלכ (M-L-K) meaning “rule/reign.” It’s all very fascinating.

Wednesday…I can’t remember Wednesday, but I know it was busy because I was looking forward to relaxing on Thursday…but Thursday ended up being busier than Wednesday. Wednesday might have been the day I moved furniture around in the living room. We have to move chairs away from the woodstove in the winter, and sometimes it takes creativeness to find a configuration that works. Oh, and Wednesday I went to the library to print off version #7 of my letter to my Mom, but the library’s printer was out of ink (like, they had to order more), so I wasn’t able to print it. I figured that I ought to just send #6 because I wasn’t going to be able to write a perfect letter, and I could spend the rest of my life trying to perfect it. So I addressed the envelope and mailed it on Thursday. My Mom either got it yesterday or will get it today. I pray that somehow God will use my inadequate attempts to accomplish His purposes.

On Thursday I taught school in the morning, as usual. When I was done, I made homemade chicken potpie in my new used oven, as well as an apple crisp and an apple pie. EJ brought home a lot of apples from work, and I am trying to use them up. It is REALLY nice having an oven again. EJ is now trying to find a used gas stackable washer/dryer. There are a lot of electric ones out there, but not gas ones. EJ might eventually end up getting an electric one, but he has not given up on the gas one yet. A gas one is cheaper to run, and he is trying to reduce energy costs.

In the afternoon, I cleaned the house, walked my dog, and got JJ to help me put a tarp over the woodpile. Then I studied Hebrew with my friend again. We could only study for 1 1/2 hours instead of our usual 2 or 2 1/2 hours because, as I found out the evening before, JJ was going to attend his first monthly Boy Scout Order of the Arrow meeting at a church about 45 minutes away. His scoutmaster has leader meetings at the same time and place so he offered to take us, which is wonderful because I am severely directionally challenged and can get lost anywhere. Since it is against the rules for a Boy Scout to be alone with a leader (it protects them both), I had to go along. I was VERY tired by evening, and had really wanted just a quiet evening at home, but actually it wasn’t that bad. The church where the Scouts met was big, and I found an alcove in a hallway off the main entrance. There were a few tables and chairs next to a pop machine, and I bought a bottle of water and sat at the table and studied Hebrew vocabulary for the 1 1/2 hours that the scouts were in their meetings.

Friday was my quietest day of the week. I picked JJ’s friend up from school and they hung out for awhile in the afternoon.

For about a week we have had blue skies, sunshine, temps in the 80’s. Thursday the weather turned rainy, windy, and colder. I don’t mind. I like the colder weather as much as the warmer weather. It’s nice to wear sweatshirts and jackets, and cuddle in quilts. The clouds have been beautifully dramatic. Yesterday I took a picture of the clouds with my phone as I was out walking Danny on our usual route. Aren’t they beautiful?

Isn’t it beautiful? I love the world God made.


2 thoughts on “A Blurry Week

  1. thewomanatthewell says:

    TJ,I couldn't sleep even as sick and tired as I am, but somehow I knew coming here would do me good…It did, I love your posts, like chatting and catching up with a sister I've known all my life. Too bad about the way the world has become that we cant even allow our children to be alone with people who are meant to nurture them, and that those leaders live in fear of their love and genuine care for the kids they mentor being mistaken for something else. Good that they have safe systems in place to allow these groups to still function but how sad, really. I am proud of you for mailing the letter! I would have shelfed it and when she called to ask why I had not sent it I just wouldn't answer the phone, I'm chicken like that,You are strong and brave my friend. God bless you for it. Clouds are my favorite subject to photo too, they are alive and in constant change, kinda like us down here on earth. Thank you for a great post on my not so restful night, I miss coming here all the time like I used to. I know you understand but you have been kind to frogive me even before I apologize for not being here for you the last few weeks.Thank you for being a true friend to me TJ, God BlessWATW

  2. TJ says:

    You know that I love to have you drop by, but there is nothing to forgive when you can't. I pray you get to feeling well soon, WATW. It's miserable being sick and tired and unable to sleep!

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