Aunt Millie’s Bread, etc.

It was another absolutely beautiful autumn day.

Today after church EJ and I drove to the Aunt Millie’s Bread thrift store for Aunt Millie’s bread. We buy our bread at this store because we can get it inexpensively. The bread was 65 cents each, and we filled a shopping cart for less than $20. We buy a lot of bread at this store and then freeze it until we need it. It’s much less expensive than buying bread for $2 or $3 dollars in the grocery store.

Then EJ and I drove to a another thrift store, looking for a gas stackable washer/dryer. This thrift store, which we had never been to before, had a LOT of things, but no gas stackable, and the prices were rather high.

We buy as many things as we can at thrift stores or yard sales. We have gotten a lot of good things for not much money. I also make my own laundry detergent and my own brown sugar. EJ had read the ingredients list on a package of brown sugar a few years ago, and he saw that the only ingredients were sugar and molasses, so we simply mix molasses in sugar and we have brown sugar. It looks and tastes just like the brown sugar in the store and it’s much less expensive. We cut corners where we can.

When we got home, I took half our clothes to the laundromat (I’ll do the other half tomorrow)while EJ and JJ installed my new used stove. YEAH! I now have an oven!

We were going to unload the wood from the van, and we wanted to visit EJ’s mom, but we ran out of energy for the wood and out of time for his mom. We will try to unload the wood in the next day or two, and visit his mom at teh first opportunity. The problem with EJ working every week and weekend is that when we have time off, we have to jam it with fun (because after working all the time, EJ NEEDS fun), and work around the house, and visiting relatives. We don’t always have time to fit it all in.

I’m tired now, but I have to stay away long enough for my on-line Hebrew group at 10 p.m.

I am on draft 5 of my letter to my Mom. EJ says I need to get it sent soon so my Mom isn’t overly anxious about my non-reply, but I struggle with it, wanting to be loving and forgiving AND set firm boundaries. Maybe I will just print it off tomorrow if I can get to the library (my printer doesn’t quite work right) and send it, trusting that God will somehow use what I write for good. I do NOT know how to write this letter!

What do you think?

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