Today was another busy day of driving everywhere.

Apparently, our old van, Aunt Dolly Llama, enjoys Halloween. Yesterday when I got in her, her dashboard was draped with spiderwebs. I used a hanger from EJ’s work uniforms to wipe them away, hoping, hoping, HOPING that the spider would not crawl out, causing me to scream and frantically jump around and brush it away. This morning, the spiderwebs were back, but not as heavy as before. When EJ got into Aunt Dolly Llama’s driver’s seat, a small black spider dropped down it’s web, between his legs, and onto the floor, where he stepped on it. He said it looked like a miniature version of the black spiders in Halloween decorations.

EJ and I drove to Lansing (Michigan’s capital city, about an hour north of us) to buy a used stove we found on Craigslist. It was at a thrift shop that looked a bit shabby and disreputable, and we almost didn’t stop. However, we are all a bit tired of food cooked on the stove, and we are craving meatloaf and homemade chicken potpies, so we stopped. It turned to be a faith-based ministry, and the people were wonderful. We bought a stove for $100. They helped us load it in the van.

We got home just in time for JJ to help us get the stove into the house. Then we jumped back into Aunt  Dolly Llama (me looking carefully for spiders) and dropped JJ off at a grocery store in a nearby town where his Boy Scout Troop was selling popcorn to help with the cost of Summer camp. They didn’t sell much. Michigan’s economy is very bad, many people have lost their jobs and houses, and the popcorn is much, much, MUCH  too expensive. JJ said it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

After we dropped JJ off, EJ and I drove to the house where we buy firewood, and bought another face cord of wood. We brought it home, unloaded it, and then went back for another load. A friend whose son is also in JJ’s troop brought him home for us just as we finished stacking the wood in our summer grape arbor/winter woodshed. As we were unloading the wood, I saw a HUGE black spider, and then it disappeared. It probably came in with the wood. This could be a major future problem if it reappears while we are driving down the road. We decided to go back for a third load of firewood since we had JJ to help us. We did not unload this last load. We will do it tomorrow. We have gotten 5 face cords of wood this weekend. We now have 9 or 10 face cords. (We lost count.) Our grape arbor is full. We are blessed.

EJ plans to hook up the new stove this evening. Hopefully there are no unforeseen problems. We really want meatloaf and potpie.

It was a wonderful day today. The temps were near 80, the sky was blue, the sunshine made the increasingly gorgeous trees glow. I felt as if I was in a work of art all day. One of EJ and my favorite things to do is drive through beautiful country and talk. We got to do that today. It was pleasant working in such beautiful weather AND we have the satisfaction of knowing that we have a winter’s supply of firewood.

Did I tell you that the Hebrew word for work–avodah (ah-vo-dah)–is also the word for worship? Today was a day in which we both worked and worshiped. It was a wonderful day.

Here is a you-tube video of a beautiful Michigan autumn. This is taken in Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, and Grand Rapids, which is pretty much our area of Michigan. Right now, the leaves are blazing with color:

What do you think?

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