A Summer/Autumn in Four Days

EJ took Thursday through Sunday off work, and we have been attempting to pack a summer’s worth of fun and an autumn’s worth of preparation into the four days.

Yesterday was my birthday. I think the best gift is spending the day with my family, driving through the beautiful autumn countryside, so that is what EJ gives me as a gift. One year we went to a bird sanctuary. It was pretty. This year we went to a cider mill. We had a lot of fun just being with each other. Before we came home, we bought some pizza. Later, EJ and I took Danny for a walk through the beautiful evening.

Today was a work day. Sort of. We drove our van, Aunt Dolly Llama, to the Hospice store hoping to find a used stove. JJ was horrified the first time he learned that many items in the store came from things donated from families of loved ones who had died. It’s one of our favorite thrift stores. There was only one stove, and it wasn’t in very good, but we bought some clothes and a few other items.  Then we drove to some garage sales because, you never know, it was possible we might find a stove. We didn’t see any stoves, but we did see a water heater and dryer. Unfortunately, we didn’t need those items. We DO need a washer/dryer, but we need a stackable one to fit in the space we need to put it in. However, we did talk to some nice people, and pet some nice dogs, and bought a few treasures.

On the way home, we bought a face cord of firewood. When we got home, we ate leftover pizza, unloaded the van, and sat to decide what to do. EJ tried to call a few people selling stoves on Craigslist.com. None answered their phones. So we went and got another face cord of firewood and came home and unloaded it.

After we finished, I did my normal chores and harvested my sunflowers–picked more than a dozen heads. I’m not sure what to do with them now, but I’ll figure it out. Then EJ and I took Danny for a walk through the beautiful evening. When we got home, I made popcorn. Then I took a relaxing bath, heated a cup of cider in the microwave (I love warm cider) and now I am relaxing while writing.

Tomorrow we hope to find and bring home a stove. We are getting a little tired of eating means cook on the stove, and want to have an oven so we can eat meatloaf, and homemade chicken potpies, and other baked meals. We also want to get another face cord of firewood. That will give us 7 or 8 face cords–I lost count.

While EJ drove, I took pictures out the van window. The scenery is getting AWESOME as the trees cloth themselves with leaves of red and gold.

Here are a few of the pictures I took at the cider mill yesterday:

2 thoughts on “A Summer/Autumn in Four Days

  1. thewomanatthewell says:

    I understand now even better why you yawned in your last message to me,lol, even when you have time off you don't take it lol, all that firewood would kill me if I had to move 10 logs much less the amount you do,lol! Please email me your recipie for chicken pot pie, I'll make it in your honor! yum sounds so good. Reading your blog I feel so close that as I look at the pics I wonder where the mountains are, strange not to see them, I know the best you got are dunes but I thought it was funny that I saw them as missing. I spent summers in Welton MI near Kalamazoo I do miss the beauty of the state, everything is always so green in the summer, I can ony imagine the views when the fall comes. I babbled long enough(more) thanks for the post, glad you are enjoying you family time.-WATW

  2. TJ says:

    I have been in the Colorado Mountains and in the Great Smoky Mountains, and I think mountains are beautiful. Michigan has mountains (or so I've heard) up in the U.P., as far west and north as you can get, but I've never been in that area. I will try to remember to send you my pot pie recipe, although PLEASE remind me if I forget!

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